Lithium Ion Batteries for New Energy Vehicles

Lithium Ion batteries is a great energy will apply in Vehicle , more and more people will choose this green energy

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Lithium Ion Batteries for New Energy Vehicles 

Lithium Ion batteries is a great energy will apply in Vehicle , more and more people will choose this green energy

LiFePO4 Battery Parameter

Battery Type

Nominal Voltage

Nominal Capacity

Battery Case Quantity


     LiFePO4 Battery

     (168 in series)

     (28 in parallel)


Active balancing + 24V power supply + master + collection module

OptimumNano Battery Management System (BMS)

Item No.ItemSettingRemark
(Level One/Level Two)
1. Over charge protection3.65V/3.85VAlarming/cut off
(each cell)(Charging)
2. Max. total voltage613.2VCut off
3. Max. charge current180AAlarming/cut off
4. Under discharge protection2.8V/2.5VCut off
(each cell)
5. Min. total voltage470.4V
6. Max. discharge current115A
7. Pulse discharge current170ALast for 10 seconds
8. Low SOC alarming30%Battery should be recharged
9. Over temperature protection65℃Cut off
10. Temperature difference5℃Alarming

Why choose OptimumNano LiFePO4 Battery to power your electric vehicle?
OptimumNano LiFePO4 Battery has been designed to power the small cars, city buses, company commuter car, logistics cars, trucks with more than 14 years experience on LiFePO4 Battery R&D and marking.
OptimumNano built the OptimumNano Innovation Union(The Union) , to work with man famous electric vehicle manufacturer and launched a new type of pure electric buses mode of "Financing and Leasing, Mutual Benefit, Mobile Charging, Integrated Charging and Maintenance". The core components are consist of motor, electrical controller, DC/DC, air conditioner, connector, intelligent instrument, charger.
We are supplying the reliable LiFePO4 Battery Solution with related vehicle components, to supply best after-sale service with competitive price.

LiFePO4 Battery Features
LiFePO4 Battery power solution from OptimumNano, is designed specifically according to customers' requirements for safety, powerful and low cost.

1.Cells designed with gas pipe, safety vent, Break and Anti-explosion Protection. Also we produce the cells and do the cells matching according to8-Conformity
2.Battery packs designed and produced with structure firmly, antiknock, electrical conductivity, heat dispersion with patented PCB
3.Smart BMS with collection module, balancing module, insulation module and CAN communication

Shipping and Service
1.Shipment in short time by air or by sea quality with competitive price
3.30 months of pro-rated warranty and all battery life after-sale service
4.Any technical support and training to your employees.

Introducing advanced equipment, OptimumNano has been well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of lithium ion batteries for new energy vehicles. Our batteries are of high safety, high capacity, strong stability and long cycle life. With bulk batteries in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale good price battery made in China from us.

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