100 million latitude lithium 2016 lithium business increased by 160% power capacity and market layout to accelerate

- Mar 01, 2017-

Although the new energy market in 2016 experienced turbulence, but the billion Wei Li can still produce a satisfactory answer.

In the report period, the Company realized operating income of 2.34 billion yuan, up by 73.45% over the same period of last year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB252 million, representing an increase of 66.43% over the same period of last year.

In its lithium original battery, lithium-ion battery, electronic cigarette three business, lithium-ion battery business has become the biggest bright spot. Annual report shows that 100 million lithium lithium 2016 lithium-ion business to achieve operating income of 830 million, an increase of 160.4% over the previous year.

For the business last year's changes, 100 million weeds can be introduced in the first half of the "power battery access" and other policies, power battery sales is less than expected early; June 20 last year, the company successfully selected the Ministry of Industry "meet" automotive power battery industry Standard conditions "business directory (the fourth batch)", for its power battery into the new energy automotive market has obtained a permit to promote the power battery sales in the second half of the work; with the second half of lithium iron phosphate and three-cylinder Shaped battery capacity release, power battery to achieve the scale of sales.

Power storage business layout accelerated

The past two years, 100 million latitude can significantly increase the strength of the field of power battery layout, respectively, in Huizhou and Hubei Jingmen to build a cylindrical ternary and square lithium iron phosphate battery production base, Engineering lithium was informed that the current capacity of 3.3GWh , Is expected in the early 2017 to form a 5-6GWh power battery capacity scale, the end of 2017 is expected to reach 9GWh capacity scale.

In the power battery customers to develop, 100 million latitude can progress significantly, in November last year, 100 million latitude and Jinbei new energy, Baoding Changan bus signed a "2016 pure electric vehicle battery pack supply protection tripartite cooperation agreement."

In accordance with the agreement, in order to ensure the Changan bus project used by the battery resources, Jinbei new energy in advance to the billion Wei Li can buy ICR1865026V batteries, September, October, November, December, January supply were 1 million Only 2.5 million, 2.5 million, 3 million, 3 million, a total of 12 million.

January 9, 2017, the company signed with the Nanjing Jinlong "strategic cooperation agreement", the two sides to apply to the new energy vehicles for the use of power battery products market development, the establishment of long-term cooperation mechanism to jointly develop new energy automotive market. Nanjing Jinlong is expected in 2017 to the company to purchase power battery amount of 1 billion yuan.

The deployment of power batteries at the same time, billion Wei Li can still be involved in energy storage battery market. Annual report said, 100 million lattice lithium battery can be widely used in energy storage, intelligent micro-network, household energy storage, industry, energy storage and other fields. During the reporting period, the company and the China Tower Huizhou established a "joint innovation laboratory", established a strategic cooperative relationship. At the end of 2016, the company won the China Tower Corporation headquarters Jicai qualification certification, a Chinese iron tower lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers, is conducive to the company in 2017 to expand sales of communications power.

100 million latitude can be said that in 2016 the company deepen the needs of users, innovative products, launched a "portable portable charge", "mobile emergency charging car" and "emergency power supply package" and other programs, products have gradually entered the commercial phase. In the international market, the company has begun to cooperate with some high-end customers.

Lithium battery business growth slowed to consolidate the leading position

As the traditional business of billion latitude, in the background of the slow growth of the lithium battery business, it focused on consolidating its market position in 2016.

2016 company lithium battery business to achieve operating income of 776 million, an increase of 11.77% over the previous year. The main reasons are: (1) in the intelligent transportation, intelligent security, automotive electronics and other things in the field of rapid growth in demand, while the company actively explore the international market, operating income and stable growth; (2) the company through the progressive realization of fully automated production, Rate, lower unit production costs, rising raw materials in the upper reaches of the case, the product profitability steadily improved.

December 2016, billion Wei Li can be no more than 150 million yuan to buy all the shares of Fu Ante. The transaction will be carried out step by step, the company intends to increase the amount of 16.979% stake in Fu Ante, and then buy the rest of the entire stake in Fu Ante.

It is reported that Fu Ante was established in 2002, is the original lithium battery manufacturers, with annual output of 80 million lithium battery production capacity. (LWD, MWD), electronic pressure gauge, flowmeter, intelligent instrument, active RFID, GPS navigation, tire pressure system (TPMS), RAM and CMOS circuit, geothermal high temperature Detectors and other civilian areas. ,

Billion Wei Li said that the company will continue to strengthen the lithium battery business in the product technology and production scale on the comprehensive advantages, through technological innovation and production methods of progress in the context of rapid development of things, and actively explore the "shared economy" new market , As "drive all things" lithium battery leading enterprises.

Electronic cigarette net profit increased by 227%

In the report period, the sales income of the Company's subsidiary, McQuay, was RMB 726 million, up by 146.59% over the same period of last year and the net profit was RMB 125 million, up by 227.33% over the same period of last year. The main reasons are: (1) the company in 2016 new business-owned brand of electronic cigarette market to bring greater revenue and profit growth; (2) the company's original business ODM large customer orders continued to grow, making fixed costs diluted To profit growth.

The announcement shows that the global e-cigarette market growth rate in 2016 is higher than the average level of 2014-2015, the tobacco companies gradually in the field of electronic cigarette layout, the amount of sales and the number of stores and goods gradually increased, especially the European market is the United States The market after the rapid growth of another market, the European market is expected to increase more than the United States, mainly in the United Kingdom, France and Germany as the main growth of the country, while Asia, including the Chinese market, the number of sales stores is also increasing, the company's ODM And its own brand business has achieved rapid growth.