20/5000 Yan Wanda large shareholders overrun Baotuan investors claim cash

- Jan 07, 2017-

Despite the good news, but Yanwanda shareholders are still unable to restrain the impulse, so that regulators are sending letters to the name of the spared no expense.

On Nov. 14, Xinwangda announced that Wang Mingwang, Wang Wei and Xinmin City Xinmingda Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinmingda"), the controlling shareholder and concerted action person of the Company, received the China Securities Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the " Securities and Futures Commission ")," Investigation Notice "(Shenzheng investigation through the word 15087,15088,15089).

According to the relevant provisions of the "Securities Law of the People's Republic of China", the controlling shareholder Wang Wei, Wang Mingwang, Wang Wang, Wang Wang, Wang Wang, Wang Mingwang and Wang Mingwang, and Wang Mingwang, the king of the company's shares were suspected of violation of information disclosure, Wei, Yan Mingda to initiate an investigation.

Thus, Yan Wanda or will face many small and medium shareholders from the rights of action.

The window before the precise reduction

As Apple's battery supplier, Yan Wanda in the major shareholders of the shares lifted before the ban, whether it is the concept of performance or hot spots, are in line with the capital market speculation logic. However, April 21, 2014 restricted shares lifted the major shareholders, still chose a substantial reduction in the following months.

May 30, Yanwangda announcement shows that shareholders Xinxin Mingda in May 23, 2014 to May 29 during the block trading by a total reduction of the company tradable shares of 410 million shares, after the reduction is no longer Holding more than 5% of the shares of the company's shareholders, reduction of the average price of 23.20 yuan / share, only the holdings to cash 95.12 million yuan.

According to public information, Yan Mingda is Yanwangda controlling shareholder, the actual controller Wang Mingwang 98% holding company.

In early July 2014, Yanwangda again announced that July 2, 2014 ~ July 3, the company's controlling shareholder, the actual controller Wang Wei through the holdings of shares of the company shares 748 million shares, representing the company's total share capital of 2.97 / RTI & gt; Of which July 2 reduction of 400 million shares, holdings average price of 29.08 yuan / share, July 3 reduction of 348.219 million shares, the average price of 28.69 yuan / share, a total cash 216 million. It is understood that Wang Wei Wang Mingwang brother.

July 23, 2014 to July 24, Wang Mingwang were 27.62 yuan / share reduction of 350 million shares and 150 million shares, the reduction of cash 138 million yuan. August 29 evening Yanwangda announcement that Wang Mingwang August 27, 2014 ~ August 28 in the secondary market a total reduction of 250 million shares outstanding shares, accounting for 0.99% of the company's total share capital. According to the average transaction price of each period, cash of about 80.79 million yuan. The reduction, Wang Mingwang still holds 7339.03 million shares of the company, accounting for 29.17% of the total share capital of the company, the company is still the controlling shareholder and the actual controller.

The Listing Rules for Directors and Supervisors of the Company held by the Board of Directors of the Company, which was held by the Company, stipulated the ban on trading in the window period of the Company in the period of 30 days prior to the announcement of the regular report of the listed company; it could have a significant impact on the trading price of the Company's stock The Directors shall not trade shares of the Company under such circumstances as the date of occurrence of the significant events or during the decision-making process and within 2 trading days after the disclosure according to law.

August 24, 2014, Yanwangda released the first half of 2014 earnings, during the period the company achieved operating income of 1.592 billion yuan, an increase of 98.06%; attributable to the owner of the net profit of 47.3556 million yuan, an increase of 50.11%; Attributable to equity holders of listed companies total net profit of 47.3678 million yuan, an increase of 93.81%; attributable to the parent company equity total 1.392 billion yuan, an increase of 13.6%; basic earnings per share of 0.19 yuan.

Wang Mingwang July 23, 2010 ~ 24, and August 27 to 28 of the reduction of precisely to avoid the window period before and after the time requirements.

In addition, Wang Mingwang last year's last reduction is almost reduced in the year the highest point of Yan Wanda shares. Since then its share price all the way down. December 23, 2014, Yan Wanda shares than the end of August the highest price fell 30%.

July 8, according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange website revealed that the controlling shareholder of Yanwangda, the actual controller Wang Mingwang, Wang Wei and their parties acting in concert over the proportion of shares of the company. May 12, 2014 to June 25, 2015, the shareholders to block transactions and the secondary market to sell the way the total reduction in the proportion of shares was 7.63%, breaking the 5% of the "red line." Prior to the change in equity, the shareholders of the total shares of 132 million shares held by the company, accounting for 53.83% of the total share capital (current total share capital of 2.44 million shares). After the changes in equity, the proportion of its total holdings decreased to 44.58%.

Since then, Yan Wanda has received the SFC investigation notice.

The Commission for the investigation of the case, Yanwangda replied in the investor interaction platform, said the investigation is mainly for the May-August 2014 period, the company concerted action after the disclosure of information disclosure omissions . During the period from May to August 2014, Wang Mingwang, Wang Wei and Yanmingda of the Company acting in concert were underweighted and each reduction was released with the announcement of reduction. However, due to the lack of professional knowledge of the Deputy General Manager, the concerted action of the person can not clearly defined, so concerted action to reduce the proportion of the proportion of 5% need to publish "Jane-style changes in equity report" is not released in time.

Cell phone power market close to the ceiling

In fact, a substantial reduction in 2014, Wang Mingwang, who did not stop to continue the pace of holdings. June 17, 2015, Yanwangda issued reduction notice that the controlling shareholder, the actual controller will be June 18 from the 6 months, the largest reduction of not more than 120 million shares, representing the company's total share capital of 18.96 / RTI & gt; After the implementation, the company's actual controller of the stake will be reduced to 25.61%.

However, due to regulatory investigation, Yan Wanda on July 10 to change the mouth immediately said the decision to terminate the reduction plan, and at the right time and price holdings of company shares, holdings of not less than 230 million yuan of funds.

Although due to the Commission's investigation, Yanwangda June 17 announced the termination of major shareholders of 120 million shares of the plan, but the major shareholder of the strong demand for funds no doubt.

Reporter noted that Yan Wang Wang Mingwang largest shareholder of a recent pledge of shares in June 15, 2015, and its Shenzhen High-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "high-tech Investment Group") part of the equity pledge business. Wang Mingwang 718 million shares held by the company as the subject of securities, pledged to the high-tech investment group, for the stock pledge business financing. As of the announcement date, Wang Mingwang directly holds 183 million shares of the company, accounting for 29.09% of the total share capital of the company, the cumulative pledge of 172 million shares, representing the total number of shares held by 93.67%, accounting for 27.25% of the company's total share capital.

Excessive pledge rate may allow Wang Mingwang in the choice to maintain price stability, or to maintain the hand holdings of cash is difficult to judge, but since the outbreak of the stock market in June, the Commission severely prevented the holdings of major shareholders, making Yanwanda shareholders The final choice of the share price, and commitment to 230 million yuan of funds to choose holdings.

A brokerage who told reporters, Yan Wanda controlling shareholder of the previous reduction plan, the purpose of holding down nothing more than two possibilities, one is the company to further expand the scale of the new project requires funds, major shareholders choose to introduce strategic investors; Another possibility is the reduction of the major shareholder's own private purpose.

So far, Yan Wanda has not introduced a strategic investor announcement, so the purpose of the reduction is likely to be a major shareholder of the individual's strong financial needs.

July 30, the reporter called Yanwangda asked the previous major shareholders of the reduction of the purpose, Yan Wanda Securities Affairs Department staff said they did not accept the interview, and hung up the phone. Reporter from the Yanwangda investor interaction platform to find some of the major shareholder reduction of the purpose of the reply.

Xinwanda said, the controlling shareholder of the relevant stock operation is dependent on the development needs, such as the disclosure standards, the company will comply with the relevant provisions of the information disclosure obligations. And said that the power lithium battery is the focus of the company's future development, electric vehicle power system that is power lithium batteries, the company has set up a joint venture with Chery, the future the company will continue to actively seize business opportunities and strive to expand market share in the field.

September 10, 2014, Yanwangda has announced that the company intends to and independent investors Wang Mingwang, Huang Shenli, Zhang Jie, Wei may be Ning and Zhengzhou City Ji Zijie Traffic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " ), Shenzhen Yingweiteng Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yingweiteng" or "Yingweiteng Company") jointly invested in the establishment of a joint venture vehicle service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the proper way vehicle service"), Electric vehicle time - sharing leasing business.

The proportion of capital contribution of the car service is, Wang Mingwang invested 57.6 million yuan holding 32%, Yanwangda 36 million yuan investment in 20% stake, Jiazi company invested 36 million yuan 20% stake in British Weiteng 1620 Million shares 9%, Huang Shenli invested 16.2 million yuan holding 9%, Zhang invested 9 million yuan holding 5% stake in 9 million shares invested 9% stake.

Specific investment includes: the purchase of 125 million yuan of electric vehicles, base stations charging base construction of 30 million yuan, marketing and operating costs of 19.5 million yuan, the daily management fee of 5.5 million yuan. The investment estimate is based on the actual investment.

However, the proper way to meet the funding requirements of the car service or will greatly exceed the previous budget. Reporters get a "proper way to share electric vehicle program" shows that the project requires a total investment of 100 billion yuan, in a proper way to invest 5 billion yuan of vehicle service, local project cooperation companies to invest 5 billion yuan . Prior to the proper way Automotive Services Co., Ltd. invested 180 million yuan in the first round, to achieve the Group 5 billion yuan of investment, there are 4.82 billion yuan of funding gap. According to Wang Mingwang 32% of the investment ratio, which 5 billion yuan of its investment in at least 1.6 billion yuan to solve the funds.

The situation may explain why Wang Mingwang why so eager to reduce the 120 million shares of the reasons, the major shareholders to develop new energy vehicle projects, which also means that the smart phone Yan Wanda power market growth space is close to the ceiling.

Industry analysts believe that the current relatively high valuation of the relative value of Yan Wanda, the concept of speculation over the past years have the help of Apple's own suspects, to predict the risk may come from the slowdown in smart phone shipments led to slowing demand for power products , As well as power and energy storage type lithium-ion battery market demand.

Investors want to claim

Although Wang Ming Wang Wang Ming Wang Yan Wang Da new energy vehicles in the service industry, but its alleged breach of information disclosure may harm the interests of small shareholders of Yan Wanda.

Investor interaction platform in Yanwangda, many investors are concerned about Yan Wanda received notice of the Commission to initiate investigation (investigation notice). In the Oriental Fortune Network shares it, the Shanghai Jie Sai Law firm lawyers have been looking for Wang Zhibin Yan Wang Wanda false statements caused by the loss of investors.

Wang Zhibin told reporters, for such a reply, you need to wait until the Commission to investigate clearly after the judge, if only the letter is simply a violation of the letter, in accordance with the Securities and Futures Commission for all illegal letter listed company's administrative penalties, the heaviest penalties Only 60 million, in addition to investors can also determine the results to the listed companies for civil compensation.

According to this law, the amount of punishment for the violation of the letter of the listed company is 300,000 yuan or more, 600,000 yuan or less; the relevant responsible person in charge of the punishment amount is 30,000 yuan , 30 million or less.

"If the results of the survey is to manipulate the stock price to buy and sell more than one account, and publish good news Zuozhuang, then suspected of insider trading, such as Everbright Securities 'oolong' incident, the Commission finds Everbright Securities alleged insider trading , A fine of 520 million yuan. "Wang Zhibin told reporters.

"Insider dealing with, is based on the amount of illegal income to a fine in the illegal income and more time, the amount of administrative penalties will be relatively large." Wang Zhibin added.

For the Yan Wanda was the investigation, Wang Zhibin told reporters that his law firm where the Yan Wanda posted bar in the pre-call requirements: July 13, 2015 to buy Yanwangda and in July 2015 Investors who did not sell all of the shares on the 13th will email or mail the printed statements and contact information (name, mobile phone number, e-mail and book loss) to the law firm. Free accounting losses, in line with the conditions of the investor's law will provide follow-up materials, for the commission procedures.

"There are already dozens of investors to the law firm for consultation and registration, once the Commission is given the results of the investigation, whether it is illegal or insider trading, we will represent investors to Yanwang Da rights." Wang Zhibin told reporters