2017 January-February nearly 8 billion investment in the field of power battery to see which companies are so pride?

- Feb 27, 2017-

Although the new energy vehicles and power battery industry in 2017, "start" is not ideal, but the industry for this year's industry trend is not pessimistic, generally predictive will show a steady growth, which led to the amount of investment.


Public data show that in January 2017 new energy vehicle production and sales were 6889 and 5682, down 69.1% over the same period last year and 74.4%. And new energy vehicles production and sales fell sharply corresponding to the same period, in January China's power battery companies total shipments year on year and the chain are also significantly reduced. The main reason for this situation is that 1-5 sets of new energy vehicles to promote directory review, the new catalog and only released a number, while the market is also affected by the impact of subsidized land reclamation.


However, has become the industry consensus is experienced "cheat" storm of the new energy automotive industry, in an increasingly systematic national policy control, will gradually from the original extensive growth to return to rational growth. The current new energy vehicles have risen to the level of national strategy, the state encourages the development trend of new energy will not change, is expected in 2017 new energy vehicle sales of about 75-80 million. This will inevitably drive a strong demand for power battery market.


In this context, there is a lot of power this year, the battery companies are stepping up to expand production capacity. At the same time, based on the prospects for the power battery market optimistic about the capital market investment heat diminished, still generous set to raise funds for the project construction, mergers and acquisitions power battery business ... ... and see below:


Vicoeca has raised $ 800 million for power lithium batteries and other projects


February 18, Veken Essence (600152) announcement, the company intends to issue shares of the way, the price of 904 million acquisition of related party Vico Battery 71.40% stake in Veken new energy 100% stake in 60% stake in Veken Energy.


In addition, in order to improve the integration of the performance of this transaction, Veken Essence intends to the company holding East Veken Holdings, including two objects will not raise more than 800 million yuan raised funds to raise funds will be used for the underlying company construction projects under construction and Relevant intermediary fees. Raised investment projects, including an annual output of 30 million polymer lithium battery construction projects, with an annual output of 2Gwh power lithium battery construction and other four projects.


The public industry and other subsidiaries to be a joint venture 350 million yuan shares micro-macro power

On Feb. 15, Zhongxingda (002441) announced that the wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongda New Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and wholly-owned company Suning Zhongjinda New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. intends to cooperate with Yinchuan Jinzhihui Equity Investment Partnership Enterprise (limited partnership) jointly invested 350.5 million yuan to set up Haining Zhongyeda Investment Partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "joint venture").


After the establishment of the joint venture company, will increase the shares of micro-macro power, capital increase of 350 million yuan, the proportion of shares will be micro-macro power to complete the capital increase to complete the industrial and commercial registration shall prevail. The joint venture is designed for this investment micro-macro power and set up, and in the future will not do other investment.


The purpose of this investment is: on the one hand, micro-macro power leading power lithium battery technology and the company's mature new energy charging operation system combined to help give full play to the advantages of both sides to further expand the company's new energy vehicles Charging business; the other hand, the increase in shares of micro-macro power, the future companies can share the micro-macro follow-up development of positive results.


LG Chemical will invest 35 million US dollars to expand the Nanjing battery factory


Seoul Chemical reported on February 14 that LG Chemical will expand its battery factory in Nanjing, China, to build a car battery factory and a small battery factory. LG Chemical did not disclose the specific amount of investment, but it is learned that the cost of construction of two factories amounted to 35 million US dollars.


LG Nanjing battery factory was built in 2015, with an annual output of pure electric vehicle battery 50,000 and hybrid battery battery 180,000 units, is LG for the Chinese market bridgehead. But LG also said that the specific production line assembly time has not yet been determined. The industry believes that in the current issue of China's South Korea due to the Soviet Union, the production of many restrictions on the case, it is difficult to make additional investment decisions. But the political situation is volatile, LG's expansion is "a rainy day."



Thick shares of fund-raising 7.2 million yuan expansion of lithium iron phosphate battery production line


In mid-February, Liaoning Houneng Technology Co., Ltd. (Securities abbreviation: thick stock code: 835695) officially in the new three board public offering of shares of 200 million shares, raising funds of 7.2 million yuan to raise funds mainly used to expand the company's lithium iron phosphate Battery production line and the purchase of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, electrolytes and other raw materials. Data show that the main business of thick shares of lithium iron phosphate batteries and battery production and sales, lithium iron phosphate power forklift sales, leasing.



Youfu shares to 100 million yuan to set up a subsidiary of the layout of power battery field


February 13, Youfu shares (002427) announcement, the company intends to own funds invested 100 million yuan, invested in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, set up a wholly owned subsidiary - Jiangsu Youfu New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Youfu new energy"). According to the data, YOU Fu New Energy will be mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacture, processing and sales of high performance lithium ion battery (group), lithium ion storage battery (group), hydrogen fuel cell.


Youfu said that the company set up wholly-owned subsidiary in Taizhou, is conducive to the full use of the subsidiary subsidiary of Jiangsu Zhicheng New Energy Co., Ltd.'s existing resources to expand the company's new business, enhance the company's overall image, in line with the company's long-term development strategy.



The company has acquired a 100% stake in Haixi


On February 6, Otter Jia (002239) issued the issue of shares to buy assets and raise funds (revised version), the company plans to 2.5 billion acquisition of the four power into the power of lithium battery business, and the proposed fund-raising does not exceed 1.55 billion yuan for the sea to four capacity to raise investment projects and payment agency fees.



Xinwangda proposed to raise more than 2 billion annual output of 6GWh power lithium battery project


January 16, Yan Wanda announced that the company plans to non-public offering of shares raised not more than 3.346 billion yuan for the "consumer lithium battery module expansion project", "power lithium battery production line construction project" and supplement Working capital.


Announcement shows that the raised funds in the 2.05 billion yuan will be put into power lithium battery production line construction projects. The total investment of 2.41 billion yuan project, plans to build an annual output of 6GWh power lithium battery (including 4GWh power lithium battery batteries) production line. The project construction period is 2 years.


Linzhou heavy machine raised 1.677 billion yuan to build an annual output of 3 billion watts of power lithium battery project


January 13, Linzhou Heavy Machinery (002535) announced that the company plans to raise a total of 1.943 billion yuan to build an annual output of 3 billion watts of power lithium-ion battery construction projects and "Sat STAR sky" constellation project. Announcement shows that with an annual output of 3 billion watts of power lithium-ion battery construction project total investment amounted to 2.208 billion yuan, the proposed investment to raise 1.677 billion yuan of funds, enterprises raised 531 million yuan.



Zhuo Neng shares proposed to raise 150 million investment in the construction of lithium battery project


January 6, Zhuo Neng shares (836483) announcement, to be not more than 19.5 yuan / share price, issued 770 million shares, not more than 150 million to raise funds.


Announcement shows that the raised funds to be used to make 98.15 million yuan into Guangxi Zhuo Neng 5 billion-hour lithium-ion battery and 100,000 sets of new energy vehicle power system industrialization project (a) two tenders construction, 40 million yuan into Guangxi Zhuo can car battery PACK production line construction projects, 12 million yuan into the extension of science and technology 3C products PACK production line construction projects.