All - round interpretation of the power of God power battery layout strategy

- Jan 06, 2017-

To promote the new energy automotive industry faster and better development, the state introduced a series of policies for macro-control. In the system under the control of the policy battery industry, will show a new pattern, the policy support for the leading enterprises will become increasingly evident. In this context, the trend of industrial agglomeration will become increasingly apparent. Up to now, the number of domestic power battery business reached 145, is expected to 2018, will be reduced to 85.

The next few years, the main variables affecting the industrial structure, including government-led procurement, battery technology, linkage based on price chain competition and economies of scale. In the price, technology, security and other aspects of the formation of a comprehensive competitive advantage of the enterprise will be fast host, three or four lines of battery business survival will be severely squeezed. It is foreseeable that the upcoming 2017, the industry will come ahead of reshuffle.

Obviously, the current power battery business how to make strategic choices, about life and death. To this end, senior engineer lithium power grid, especially to call the domestic ranking among the leading power battery giant - power of God, detailed advice on its product strategy, high-energy density battery development planning, intelligent manufacturing and expansion project progress, supply chain collaboration and industry Layout initiatives, comprehensive development goals and many other aspects, with a view to other power battery companies benefit. And see below:

Engineering lithium power grid: This year, the overall development of the power of God how?

Power God: Founded in December 25, 1997, is a major shareholder of China Electronics Group, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the National Development and Investment Corporation, China Putian and other investment in joint-stock high-tech enterprises.

The company has 600 million hours of power lithium batteries and 500 million hours of small-scale lithium battery production capacity, products include round-type power battery, square battery, polymer consumer batteries, round-type consumer batteries, square consumer Batteries, as one of a handful of the world at the same time with round, square, polymer products such as the whole series of lithium battery R & D and manufacturing capacity of one of the comprehensive strength of the top three in the country.

In recent years, the global momentum of new energy automotive industry is good, especially the rapid development of China's new energy automotive industry. Thanks to this, the power of God's strong growth in the battery business is expected in 2016 to achieve revenue 6 billion yuan, profitability has been greatly enhanced.

Advanced lithium power grid: this year, what are the core products in the power of God breakthrough? Please outline the company's product strategy.

The company always adhere to the "production generation, research and development generation, reserve generation" product strategy, full insight into market changes and policy guidance, to create high-quality products, the formation of a series of products, product development leading market layout.

Since 2016, in order to meet the European and American high-end vehicle technology requirements and the domestic vehicle production support needs, the company through the new materials and new technology research, continuous optimization of battery size design and formulation design, the introduction of graphene and other new conductive agent, Battery capacity increased by 20%.

In the fast-charge battery technology, have completed the series to meet the 3C, 5C, 10C continuous charging fast-charge, high-capacity power battery products. At present, the company lithium iron phosphate battery energy density of 150Wh / kg, ternary system battery to 180wh / kg, for the company in 2017 to achieve a comprehensive high-quality production capacity to lay a solid foundation.

Engineering lithium power: drafted by the Ministry of Industry, "Made in China 2025" on the power battery energy density requirements in 2020 reached 350Wh / kg, Will the power of God in the high-density batteries in the development plan.

Power of God: "13th Five-Year" period, the power of God for the focus of domestic and foreign key customers, through the cathode material, anode materials, innovative applications continue to enhance the battery capacity, energy density. 2017 will be developed in line with VDA standards, more than 200Wh / kg energy products, to 2018 and further to the power battery energy density to 300Wh / kg, 2020 to develop 350Wh / kg power battery products, the technical level in the world-class level.

Senior Engineering Lithium Power Grid: As the leading power battery, power of God in the smart manufacturing under what kung fu?

Power of God: the company in 2009, the first in the country to establish a two-round automatic production lines, in 2010 and in the country established two square-automatic battery production lines, the first in China to achieve power battery production from manual to automated Of the upgrade, became the largest and most technologically advanced power battery manufacturers, for the power of God in the automated production has accumulated a large amount of data and experience.

Intelligent manufacturing is the future direction of China's industrial development and trends, power of God will build a battery industry base as an opportunity to speed up the implementation of lithium industry upgrading project. "Thirteen Five" period, the company will summarize the existing technology, experience, based on the national power battery base in the construction of the comprehensive promotion of intelligent manufacturing, the introduction of advanced MES systems and data management systems to achieve intelligent automation equipment, the construction of a leading international Lithium - ion battery production capacity.

Specifically, the production plan instructions to enter the manufacturing system, the automatic arrangement of the required materials will be delivered to the production site, the production line from the production line according to the system of production production, and after the completion of production automatically into the finished product library designated location, automatic The product process parameters are audited, and the binding material information is associated with the product batch number and automatically entered into the product database. By investing in the above-mentioned intelligent manufacturing system, the reliability and consistency of products will be further improved, and the product data will be more comprehensive, clear, accurate and traceable after sale.

Engineering lithium power grid: the current power battery investment projects continue to expand production, power expansion project progress?

The power of God: 2016 is the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, Lynch companies based on the long-term and overall situation, in accordance with the "one-time planning, distribution and implementation" and "close to the vehicle market" principle, accelerate the construction of power battery industry base. At present, the Tianjin headquarters base battery power expansion project, Suzhou power battery project construction is orderly development, plans in 2017 2 quarter put into production; Qingdao power battery project will start construction in 2017, is expected to be put into production. After full-year high-intensity, large-scale investment, to the end of 2017, the power of the company's total power battery capacity will reach 100 billion watts.

Advanced lithium power grid: Li-power battery in the field of development goals? What are the next focus of work?

Power of God: "13th Five-Year" period, the power of God's overall goal is to become the main supplier of new energy automotive market, among the international mainstream high-end car manufacturers strategic suppliers. By 2020, is committed to the company to become the leading domestic and world-class public, the Group of new energy companies brand. Market work will always adhere to the leading high-end customers, and continuously strengthen the international and domestic leading automotive manufacturers of strategic cooperative relations; adhere to the diversified development, firmly grasp the market segments opportunities to enhance production capacity as an opportunity to consolidate customer base.

Engineering lithium power grid: Will the power of God in the supply chain collaboration and industrial layout which measures?

In the industrial layout, the "second Five-Year" period, the power of God to Tianjin for the headquarters to Beijing, Qingdao, Suzhou, Wuhan, Mianyang, Shenzhen and other places as the core, initially formed a nationwide marketing and technology Service Network Layout.

"13th Five-Year Plan" period, the company based on long-term and overall situation, in accordance with the "one-time planning, distribution and implementation" and "close to the vehicle market" principle, accelerate the construction of power battery industry base, give priority to the eastern coastal Tianjin, Suzhou, Business, to 2017 to build the formation of about 100 billion hours of annual production scale; central, southwest, northeast region as the second round of development focus, the overall annual production capacity can be increased to 30 billion ~ 500 billion watts.

In the supply chain collaboration, the company always adhere to focus on the development of lithium batteries main industry, and actively carry out with the industry chain, the downstream business strategic cooperative relations, committed to building healthy and healthy development of the industrial ecology. The future, the company will strengthen and strategic partners in technology, production capacity, capital and other aspects of the all-round cooperation for the common bigger and stronger to do excellent new energy industry in China to work hard.

Advanced lithium power grid: the field of increasingly fierce competition in the battery, power of God compared to the advantages of competitors in which?

Power of God: with independent, sustained innovation. Relying on the development of the company has always been based on their own scientific and technological progress and independent innovation capability, has established a sound battery and Pack technology system, technology research and development covering basic research and development, product development, process development and other aspects, electrochemical system Cobalt cobalt Lithium acid, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, ternary, lithium titanate, and many other systems, and have round, square, polymer and other full range of lithium battery research and development, manufacturing technology.

The company undertook the construction of the only national lithium ion power battery engineering technology research center in the domestic industry, as well as the "12th Five-Year Plan" national innovation project special project of new energy vehicle power battery, the "13th Five-Year" national key research and development plan New energy vehicle special power battery project And other national R & D projects.

At the same time, the company attaches great importance to collaborative innovation and development, take full advantage of the commitment to the national key R & D projects, the integration of well-known universities and colleges of scientific research strength, and upstream material manufacturers, downstream energy automotive manufacturers and other domestic outstanding new energy companies to ensure that technology is always Industry-leading level. 9 research institutes, including FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC, Beiqi, Guangqi, Brilliance and Lixin, set up the Guolian Automobile Power Battery Research Institute to carry out technical innovation, technology application from electrode materials to batteries and systems. Industrial development.

Has accumulated rich industrial management. Since the establishment of the company in 1997, the company has long been focusing on the lithium battery industry, with 19 years of lithium battery development and production experience in the production operation system, supply chain system, product technology development capabilities, quality control capabilities, integrated management capabilities With comprehensive competitive strength.

The company is the industry's first development and production of power batteries, battery power to establish an automated production line of enterprises in the industry has strong competitiveness. Through continuous industrialization of new technologies, we have explored a set of technical standards for production and screening. We have developed series of products such as HEV, BEV, PHEV, hard shell, flexible packaging, winding and laminating for different models. Ability, formed the independent standardization system.

With a high-end multi-customer base. The company always adhere to the high-end market positioning, relying on Tianjin, Qingdao, Beijing, Wuhan, Suzhou, Mianyang and other bases, forming a covering China's north, east, central, southwestern regions of the national business layout, to FAW, Dongfeng, , Jianghuai, time and space, Huatai, Kangdi and other passenger car manufacturers, as well as Yutong, the pass, Suzhou Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlong, Shenwo, Ankai, youth commercial vehicle manufacturers cooperation or bulk supply projects.

In the international community, the company and the public, Daimler, BMW, Hyundai, Kia and other international high-end depot to maintain technical communication and R & D cooperation, part of the project to achieve the product samples, passed the quality system certification. In the field of energy storage, the company and the Guangdong Nuclear Power, Iron Tower, and other companies to maintain good relations of cooperation. A good customer base to ensure that the company stable operating stability and a good momentum of development.

With excellent quality management capabilities. Since its inception the company has focused on lithium battery research and development, production and sales, the company has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS, CE, CB, CTIA, OHSAS18001, KC, REACH, PSE, TUA, GB certification International certification, for the international high-end customers with various types of lithium batteries billions of dollars, product quality is stable and reliable, did not occur safety recalls, is one of the few to maintain high-quality, large-scale stable supply of lithium battery business .

Advanced lithium power grid: how to evaluate the momentum of this year's development trend of battery? Is expected to be 2017?

Power of God: Since 2009, China's promotion of new energy vehicles, from the top design, policy guidance, financial support, industry standards gradually improved to form a more mature industrial development system for China's new energy automotive industry provides a stable and sustainable Development environment.

Since 2016, the state of new energy vehicles to promote the existence of the deceptive behavior of a strong consolidation, although to some extent led to short-term volatility in the market, but in the long run and the overall development point of view, is conducive to standardize and guide the new energy Automotive and power battery industry healthy and sustainable development.

New energy automotive industry as a national strategic emerging industries, the direction of development, objectives, clear path, the industry has great potential and broad prospects. Looking ahead to 2017, China's new energy vehicles will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, industrial competition and cooperation levels continue to upgrade, technology and market continued to achieve new breakthroughs in China's new energy automotive industry in the global market position to further consolidate and enhance.

Senior Engineer Lithium Power Grid: For the new version of the power battery requirements draft for the power battery capacity of 8 billion watt-hour requirements, how to look at power of God?

Power of God: a long time, "low concentration, small and scattered" has been China's lithium battery industry is not strong but the main source. With the new energy and new energy automotive industry included in the national strategic emerging industries, power battery industry has also risen to the national strategic areas. This provision will be conducive to encourage and guide the development of the industry to have the strength, the potential of enterprise concentration, is conducive to bigger and stronger do excellent power battery industry, thereby enhancing the international competitiveness of industry, occupation of new energy industry international division of labor high ground.