As the new subsidy policy will be the battery system energy density and the amount of subsidies

- Apr 17, 2017-

As the new subsidy policy will be the battery system energy density and the amount of subsidies directly linked to the battery companies as soon as possible to enhance the energy density. In the case of material performance without breakthrough progress, some battery companies to use lightweight, reduce the weight of the battery box and make the battery size, etc. to improve the energy density, its safety, cycle life and the actual production has been questioned by the industry The

High-power lithium mesh combing found that 2016 years 1-5 batch recommended directory, lithium iron phosphate system energy density and more concentrated in the 90Wh / kg below. And this year announced the 1-3 batch recommended directory, non-fast charge class new energy passenger car lithium iron phosphate system energy density is generally higher, more than 130Wh / kg up to 127 models.


According to industry estimates, lithium iron phosphate battery system energy density to reach 130wh / kg or more, according to the group efficiency of 70%, the single cell core energy density of at least 180wh / kg or more.

Due to the improved material performance to improve the performance of iron lithium battery than the role of energy is relatively limited, some battery companies to use lightweight, reduce the weight of the battery box and the battery shell to do thin way to improve the energy density.

In this regard, the industry also raised two questions: First, the shell thinner, bigger batteries to improve the energy than the way the battery will have a direct impact on the safety and consistency, and even sacrifice part of the performance as a cost The Second, the actual mass production can achieve a high test in such a high value.

Is security guaranteed?

Short-term lithium iron phosphate system to achieve such a substantial increase in energy density, its safety, cycle life can be guaranteed?

Jiyang Automation Chairman Yang Ru-kun that those who thin the shell, the space compression to the pursuit of higher battery capacity, bigger batteries to improve the energy to get more subsidies, completely contrary to the rules of battery design.

Xu Guangxun general manager Chen Guangsen also expressed the same concern, he said, after the Ministry of Industry to suspend the security on the grounds of the three yuan lithium battery, but 1.2 times the subsidy coefficient and forcing enterprises to quickly increase the density of lithium iron phosphate battery system 120Wh / kg or more, lithium iron phosphate battery safety can be guaranteed.

According to the high lithium battery to understand, the battery companies to enhance the energy density of the same way, one is to enhance the specific energy of the cell. Second, optimize the PACK structure, the battery pack for lightweight processing. Only in the specific material selection, technology, equipment, the actual control will be different, and ultimately lead to different product quality.

Peng Hui energy power battery research institute president Liu Jiansheng said that in the strict process design and reasonable range to do large battery size, the safety of lithium iron battery will not cause much impact.

"Battery out of the problem, the enterprise is responsible, so do not need to worry about." Billion Wei Li, chairman of Liu Li Cheng pointed out that the battery needs to undergo a series of high quality inspection and testing, as long as dare to come out, Performance is sure of the. And the policy there are 30,000 km subsidy restrictions, once the battery problems, car prices can not get subsidies, the impact of the battery business is huge.

Standing in the perspective of car prices, Jinlong United Automotive Industry New Energy Research Institute Technology Center Zhang Jianli said that the battery has done a rigorous and fully verified under the premise of security is certainly guaranteed. As an important part of the battery safety checks, car prices will be a series of strict power battery safety verification and testing, only meet the standard battery to load.

But it is noteworthy that, do not rule out some of the battery companies blindly pursue high energy density, simply to reduce the weight of the battery box and the battery shell to do thin way to improve the energy density, thus ignoring the safety performance, which is the entire industry needs Alert and vigilant.

Mass production doubt

Although the recommended catalog data released, but many industry insiders believe that the strong test product system energy density of more than 120wh / kg, 130wh / kg, there are many industry questioned: the actual mass production is also able to achieve such data?

Wonderful power general manager Yang Jinlin said that at present most of the passenger battery system energy density of 120Wh / kg or more, which is no need to doubt. First, the capacity of lithium iron phosphate material in the upgrade; Secondly, the capacity of a single battery after the big, the proportion of aluminum in the reduction, coupled with the premise of ensuring the safety of the outer box material. Mass production after the energy density of 120Wh / kg can be achieved.

An unnamed industry source said the recommended data in the catalog is not necessarily the data for the single-cell battery pack, which may be included with the high-pressure box, and the high-pressure box test will allow the system energy density to be 5Wh / kg 10Wh / kg of the numerical differences. Battery pack energy density data or according to the actual mass production after the calculation.

"Strong test products and the actual mass production of products will be some differences, but the gap will not be too large." Liu said that if the energy density if it can reach 130wh / kg or more, after mass production will reach 120wh / kg or more The

In fact, in accordance with the provisions of the power battery business only through the new national standard product strong inspection, and access to the power battery testing agencies issued a test report before they can declare into the recommended directory. And the management department only approved the national testing organizations issued by the report as a declaration material.

Ministry of Science and Technology 863 plan electric vehicle power battery major special testing center director Wang Zedong said that the national testing agencies for the power battery of the strong test are in the actual production of sampling, so through the detection of its monitoring data and security are Is guaranteed.