Auto market red dot that BYD

- Jul 25, 2017-

Since May to return to the domestic sales of new energy top, BYD once again to 11198 single-month sales of over 10,000 results reelected in June the first new energy sales. According to the recent release of the first half of the new energy passenger car sales data, BYD has not only made "June domestic new energy sales first" results, but no suspense to 34634 results won the "2017 years Six months of China's new energy automotive market sales of the first "to 15,994 results were" 2017 in the first half of the domestic mixed sales first! "

Behind this result, triggered a circle of friends bursts of scraper. From a variety of appreciation and commentary voice, BYD's new energy strategy and product strength and market performance, obviously got everyone's strong attention and recognition.

Auto market red dot that BYD "new energy just red" behind, is its new energy vehicles "7 +4" market layout of the whole market, "542 core technology" force inevitable. It is noteworthy that, standing on the new energy SUV outlet above the Song DM and Tang and other "popular SUV" driven and improve the product layout of the help, BYD new energy sales will continue to rise, and truly become the new energy industry Leader.

New combination of heavy attack, the new energy matrix to seize market opportunities

BYD Auto as a pioneer of new energy vehicles, with independent intellectual property rights of the battery, motor and electronic control and other core technologies, developed a series of new energy products in the new energy to become China's new mainstream automotive development today, has successfully occupied itself Unique market position.

As early as 2015, BYD released a new energy vehicle "7 +4" the whole market strategic layout, BYD fight for new energy vehicles predators road map gradually surfaced. It is possible to see that in the field of passenger cars, BYD pure electric / plug-in hybrid two-way force development plan, has made it become China's new energy automotive industry "leader."


From the beginning of the first half of 2017, BYD series listed Tang 100, Qin 100, Song DM, Song EV, 2017 Tang, and facelift new car Qin EV and e5 (100,000 or more pure electric new energy vehicles), refresh the mixing and Pure electricity two product lines, completed a coverage of "pure + plug, five + seven" powerful new energy SUV product matrix.

From the figure we see that BYD won the first half of the plug-in hybrid car sales first, sales achieved nearly 16,000, higher than the second SAIC more than two thousand vehicles. And BYD from the first half of the full range of models sales is not difficult to see, BYD Song DM in June this year, outstanding performance, sales from May 2068 sales rose strongly to June 4552 Taiwan, as BYD new energy sales to play.

This shows that the new product portfolio, the whole series of products to form a cluster of combat aggressive attitude, is BYD in the new energy market to maintain the crown of the important reasons.

BYD usher in force, product brand fly together

From the sales data we see, in the hot SUV market, BYD new energy SUV equally unstoppable In April 17 this year, BYD car brand festival, BYD announced its new energy SUV Song DM listed.

Data show that in the context of compact SUV hot, equipped with "542" core technology and rich intelligent configuration, and the first batch of 10,000 units as low as 16.99 million Song DM, as BYD June new energy performance growth of the main Power, its June 4552 sales performance, accounting for BYD new energy vehicle sales per month than 40%, with a strong upward momentum driven BYD plug new energy vehicle matrix high-profile rise. And Song EV300 with 300 km of long pure life mileage, but also much consumers of all ages.

Flagship medium-sized SUV Tang, through the first batch of 10,000 units as low as 21.99 million five 2017 Tang and seven pure battery mileage of 100 km of the Tang 100 to form an effective combination of market boxing to meet the different consumption The car needs, in the "542" powerful black technology and high-end rich configuration of the blessing in the high-end market gradually gain a foothold.

In addition to the product itself, BYD for the new energy industry leader branding, is still remarkable. BYD launched a number of marketing actions for consumer value, such as the release of the "electric future" plan to solve the consumer car car pain point; and delivery of "1.3 billion degrees travel electricity" to encourage pure electricity travel Line "for the earth cooling 1 ℃" environmental responsibility, new energy vehicles are gradually becoming the market trend of consumption, BYD new energy vehicles have become the national sales of the leader.

At the same time, BYD through the Oscar winner "Little Li Zi", landing international high-end golf tournament, together with the world-renowned designer Iger to build dynasty concept car, and well-known design institute Art Center to explore the future design concept of some column marketing action spare no effort to create high-end Brand image, boost the brand image.

Auto market red dot that product, brand, marketing, service ahead of the strategic layout, prompted today BYD can harvest "June domestic new energy sales first", "2017 in the first half of the domestic mixed sales volume first", "2017 The first half of the domestic new energy sales first "three awards, and this is only the beginning. We believe that BYD has been prepared to continue to force, with its new energy industry leader's strength and comprehensive rich product layout, BYD is expected to return to the mainstream market, but also allow more new energy products in the country to universal.