BAK batteries in 2016 to load new energy vehicles over 50,000 annual production capacity in 2020 will reach 15GWh

- Jan 06, 2017-

【High-tech lithium comprehensive report】

January 5, 2017, Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAK Battery") 15 anniversary celebration was held in Zhengzhou, BAK released the next five years strategic planning report and 2016 revenue results .

According to the plan, by 2020, BAK battery production capacity will reach 15GWh, to achieve 18 billion yuan of total sales revenue, power battery market share of more than 12%. Mr. Li Xiangqian, chairman of BAK Battery, said that in 2016, BAK batteries loaded more than 50,000 new energy vehicles, the cumulative loading more than 70,000 in the domestic battery suppliers among the best.

2016 BAK battery shipments of 2.5GWh

BAK president Zhang Shuquan introduced 2016 annual revenue results, 2016 BAK battery business to achieve a strong upgrade, the annual revenue of 3.5 billion yuan, net profit exceeded 400 million yuan mark. 2016 BAK battery annual shipments of 2.5GWh, battery production and sales breakthrough 200 million, accounting for the national power battery market share of about 10%, especially in the field of ternary battery, BAK battery accounts for about 30% of the market Quot;

From 2014 to 2016, BAK battery from the digital battery to the battery to achieve the strategic transformation. BAK power battery revenue in 2014 accounted for only 20% of the overall business in 2015 to 50%, with the digital battery business flush, by 2016 BAK power battery revenue has reached 80%, accounting for the main location. Based on mature and stable power battery technology, BAK products have been recognized by ZOTAC, FAW and other customers. In 2016, BAK customers list added Dongfeng, Beiqi Foton, JAC, KAWEI and other enterprises, To the battery pack as a whole solution.

Current BAK products to 18650 cylindrical battery-based, third-generation 2.9Ah products have mass production, ternary technology line to achieve about 218Wh / Kg of energy density, charge and discharge after 1000 times the energy retention rate of more than 80%, ahead of industry Average. According to product technology planning, 2020 will achieve 4.0Ah 18650 product development and production.

BEC also has a complete group of PACK technology, covering the standardization of module development technology, safe and reliable system integration technology, automated system assembly technology, active thermal management technology, MES management system, to provide customers with From single batteries to the battery package of the perfect power battery solutions. In addition, BAK is also active in new materials, new product development, polymer battery, square battery and lithium-sulfur battery, all solid-state batteries are in the development process.

Quality, BAK battery this year, successfully entered the Ministry of Industry, "automotive power battery industry norms" business directory, 2.15Ah, 2.4Ah, 2.9Ah and 3.0Ah and other products to obtain new national standard and industry mandatory certification report. Improve the quality system to protect the battery in 2016 with no security incidents.

Beyond the revenue performance, BAK battery is also creating a complete "green lithium ecological chain." To lithium battery products as the core, around the raw materials, batteries, PACK, new energy vehicles, the cycle of echelon use of all links, continuing integration of resources, expanding upstream and downstream business.

2020 China's power battery market demand will reach 93GWh

According to BAK strategic planning report, the next five years, the global lithium market prospects are good, the future will continue to maintain a large growth in the total market demand in 2020 or to reach 244GWh, and the Chinese market in the global absolute leadership, share More than 65%.

Boco Liao Zhenbo, vice president of strategic planning, battery, focusing on China's lithium market, power battery will be the largest market drivers. According to the State Council in July 2012 issued the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)", China's energy vehicle production and sales in 2020 is expected to reach 200 million. According to the average power of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles and other models, matching the reasonable energy to enhance, by 2020, China's power battery market demand will reach 93GWh, accounting for China's lithium market share of nearly 60%.

The current domestic lithium products in the shape of the distribution is more diverse, the international standardization of cylindrical lithium battery, the shape of the regular group of easy-to-square lithium and energy density of the rapid upgrading of the lithium batteries are soft market. Demand is expected to coexist for a certain period of time.

Technology route, according to national planning, in 2020 to achieve monomer batteries 330Wh / Kg, the system 300Wh / Kg energy density targets, ternary materials will gradually become mainstream, and "high nickel negativ