Balancing car battery quality, but off the balance car safety issues renewed controversy

- Jan 13, 2017-

Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision held a press conference, announced the third quarter of 2016 electric balance car risk monitoring results. According to monitoring results, the risk of sampling samples of 29 batches, 25 batches found that the problem was found in 86.2%. The results came out, the safety of electric balancing vehicles once again become the focus of society.

Battery products shoddy, life mileage is not up to standard key issues

From the monitoring results can be seen, but the quality of the battery has become a threat to balance the safety of car key issues, these quality problems are mainly reflected in the following two aspects.

1, the battery products shoddy, easy to explode after a blow.

The risk monitoring found three batches of low-quality batteries, these three batches of sample battery packs are composed of two sets of battery strings, and have a battery string is not connected to the circuit. Of which 1 batch of 10 single cell voltage is 0V, apart from one of the single battery found that the battery inside the filler is yellow particles. The other two batches after dismantling found batteries for the waste products.

Electric balancing vehicles in the event of heavy blows or falling after a high altitude, if the battery is a poor battery, there is the risk of explosion, the test, there are two batches of lithium batteries in the impact of heavy explosions.

2, battery capacity shrunk, life mileage is not up to standard.

In the monitoring of 9 batches of unicycle electric balancing car, the average battery capacity of 2200mAh on average, driving range of an average of 15km, but in fact the battery capacity of about 2000mAh, driving range was only about 12km; in the 18 batch balance Car, the nominal battery capacity of 4400mAh on average, continued driving mileage average of 20km, in fact, the battery capacity of about 4000mAh, driving range is only about 15km. Thus, the market electric balance car capacity virtual standard phenomenon is serious, life mileage is also rare compliance.

Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau sampling battery balance battery 95% of non-compliance

Previously, the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau has organized a special battery for electric balancing vehicles and chargers risk monitoring, due to the lack of relevant industry standards, the main reference to the risk of portable electronic products lithium battery national mandatory standards and household appliances charger Related standards for testing. Only 20 samples of 20 electric balancers were collected from the electronic platform, supermarket and physical stores. Only 1 sample passed all 14 tests, and the remaining 19 samples did not meet the requirements of the relevant national standards, of which 2 batches A sample exploded in the extrusion test, a batch of samples in the heavy impact test when the fire explosion occurred, in addition to a batch of samples at room temperature short-circuit test fire explosion occurred.