Battery materials ushered in innovation revolution

- Nov 02, 2016-

February 24, the Executive meeting of the State Council concluded that further support new energy car industry's approach to structural optimization to promote green. The meeting proposed that to accelerate the completion of battery a revolutionary break. Chemical industry notes that battery innovation is also on the electrode materials, electrolytes and other chemical materials innovation innovation, which presents both opportunities and challenges.

Meetings to support five of the new energy car industry initiatives, one of which is to accelerate the completion of battery a revolutionary break. To this end, to promote small enterprises, universities, research institutes and so on collaborative research, open sharing of power battery innovation channels in key information, battery systems and other common, basic skills development focused on force. The Central Government will adopt the method to fill, based on battery capabilities, sales and other indicators of enterprise award.

According to reports, the primary form of lithium-ion batteries contain electrolytes, barrier materials, positive and negative data, is attributed to chemical new materials. At that time, the lithium-ion power batteries in the face of heavy quality and quantity of charge and range can be limited, the lack of stability and many bottlenecks, and supporting data shortcomings has great contact, also greatly affected the implementation of the new energy car use.

Institute of China electronic technology group Corporation 18th xiaochengwei showed that the battery toward the direction of high energy density, now more experienced three information. Xiaochengwei analysis of the use of all kinds of batteries in the field of new energy cars, in terms of new energy buses, more use of lithium iron phosphate battery, some plug-in product selection of ternary data, first and foremost in accordance with thinking of high safety for lithium iron phosphate. Passenger cars while much of it still use lithium iron phosphate, but three-way data should be carried out, as the ternary materials in energy density, volume and function better in quality.

Tianjin Lishen battery joint-stock company Executive Vice President Hou Xiaohe also ternary material vision. He explained that the Lishen battery was of the first generation of lithium iron phosphate, in the field of public transport, bus areas, and storage areas are very well used. But in terms of passenger cars, Lishen ternary systems have an advantage, and it is becoming more and more sophisticated. Lishen is accelerating its development efforts in this area, and strive to catch up with Korea and other developed countries.