Beijing new energy car full sale part of the target or invalid

- Feb 20, 2017-

New energy subsidies in the New Deal and the "directory" of the dual role of retrial, the new energy vehicle business performance by surprise. Data show that in January 2017 new energy passenger car sales of 5400, down 61% year on year. And as the main driving force of new energy vehicles, Beijing's new energy car market recently appeared on the consumer want to buy can not buy, dealers want to sell can not sell the embarrassing situation.

In this regard, the national passenger car market information, the Secretary-General Cui Dongshu interview with reporters, said: "New Year's energy market, showing a ready-made low production and marketing characteristics. This is the beginning of the new energy vehicle subsidy slash and announcement review The temporary phenomenon in the process, with the release of the directory published in February, new energy vehicles will be on track.

So, the current sales of new energy vehicles in Beijing in the end how? In order to further understand the current situation of the new energy sales, the reporter visited the Beijing electric car 4S sales shop, the interview process found that even if the subsidy of the New Deal has landed, but by the "directory", 4S shop still can not for consumers New vehicles on the card, so that dealers have to continue to sell to the store new car. And for the indicators will be overdue "quasi-new energy owners", or will encounter "a total of six months of the retention period, due to policy changes for nearly three months time can not buy vehicles," the indicators obsolete embarrassment.

In addition, the Beijing auto total control of the original policy of the same circumstances, 2017 new energy vehicle indicators or will be used before April.

Beijing new energy vehicles fully discontinued

Part of the index or invalid

Recently, the reporters were to go to Guangying West Road, South Fourth Ring Road and Oriental Foundation International Automobile City, Beijing auto sales distribution center, by visiting a number of brands car 4S shop, that the current 4S shop is experiencing new energy vehicles to Shop can not sell the dilemma.

February 11, the reporter first came to the Guanghe West Road, located in the Beijing New Energy 4S shop. According to the sales staff here, the current store, including EU260, EV160, including new energy vehicles are temporarily suspended sales. When the reporter asked about the reasons for the sale, the sales staff said that because the new energy vehicle "directory" was retried, because there is no product "directory", the new car even sold to the car will not give the card, so the dealer had to stop Sale

In fact, the sale of new energy vehicles is not just a new energy Beijing Auto. February 12, coincides with the weekend, came to BYD 4S shop car consumers than usual a lot more. However, after watching the car and the inquiry, they get the answer are "the shop is now there is the current car, it is recommended to pay the first deposit car, temporarily can not mention the car on the card."

Located in the Oriental Foundation International Automobile City Geely Automobile 4S shop, in the Geely Dorsett EV booth sales staff told reporters that now all the new energy dealers in Beijing to face the same problem. Prior to the government due to the decline in subsidies for new energy vehicles, resulting in lower profits manufacturers, manufacturers have not given the latest guidance price, so dare not sell cars.

According to the reporter learned that the 2016 life mileage of more than 250 km of new energy models subsidies up to 11 million, due to subsidies in 2017 is the central subsidy and local subsidies at the same time down, so this year's subsidy is only 66,000 yuan, straight Down 44,000 yuan.

"At this stage, although the manufacturers guide the price gradually come and go, but also need to complete the recommended model of the declaration and audit." Sales staff said that in the absence of "return" before the clearance, the new energy vehicles still can not give consumers sell.

It is reported that on January 8, the vehicle technical service center in the release of "on the adjustment of" new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory "declaration of the notice", the automobile production enterprises through the "directory" online reporting system issued in 2016 "Catalog" 1-5 batch re-declared and approved. Is expected to be announced by the end of February. This means that the new energy vehicles by the end of February will not have a new car can be sold.

It is noteworthy that, affected by the policy, Beijing, 2016, No. 4, 13460 new energy vehicles will be some of the participants will encounter indicators of the embarrassment of forced obsolescence.

As one of the current signers, Miss Mao in an interview with reporters, said its car as of February 26 expired index, the intention of the Spring Festival after the election to buy. But now, 4S shop car does not sell do not say, even if the sale can not be on the card. "A total of six months of the retention period, due to policy changes for nearly 3 months time can not buy vehicles, hope that the relevant departments to pay attention to, properly handle or a reasonable extension.

Subsidize the New Deal to raise prices

New energy vehicles face cost exam

At present, the main sales area of new energy vehicles are almost limited to the provisions of the limited line of subsidies and preferential policies for the double concessions of large cities, and dealers in the big city of the cost of building a very high. Up to nearly three months of sales disruption, means that dealers will face a huge deficit.

There are dealers responsible for the reporter said that due to substantial reduction in subsidies, had wanted to take advantage of some of the car prices have cut production, or even exclude the future will withdraw from the market. "For the mainstream car manufacturers, if not rely on the whole industry chain to reduce the decline in profits to cope with subsidies decline, it will be difficult to ensure that this year's new car prices and subsidies after the price last year in the current new energy vehicles are not optimistic about the situation, the price The impact of factors on sales will be significant. "

Reporters learned that some OEMs have asked suppliers to reduce the "three electricity" (motor, electronic control, battery) prices, and reduce the profits of manufacturers and dealers of new cars. BYD had to accept the agency research has said that the company's new energy car Qin, for example, the subsidy of about 30% of the price, subsidies reduced by 20%, the impact of the price of about 6%, only when the cost down to 5% -10%, can offset the impact of the decline in subsidies.

In fact, from the beginning to the present, in the New Deal before the implementation of "window period", there have been car prices choose to pay their own subsidies for sales "to protect." Reporters by visiting several sales ahead of the brand 4S shop learned that, compared to last year, the subsidy straight down 44,000 yuan in the case, the lucky star EV elite models and the noble price is still 129,800 yuan and 139,800 yuan , As the current Beijing market in the sale of the largest pure SUV, Huatai XEV260 prices are also unchanged from last year; Beiqi new energy 2017 EU260 Lok Lane plus and music to enjoy the two models after the subsidy price For the 13.99 and 14.99 million, the price rose 10,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan; BYD E5, Qin EV300 and E6 prices rose significantly, each model are up 10,000 yuan.

Insiders told reporters that the main depot is difficult to pass the cost to consumers, only the internal digestion and the upstream battery supply plant put forward higher requirements. At this stage, the car enterprises to give power battery companies to reduce the cost of up to 20% to 50%. As a result, the entire power battery industry in 2017 will usher in a serious challenge. This includes pressure to reduce costs and accounts receivable, pressure on capacity expansion, pressure to boost product performance, and pressure on raw material price volatility.

"It is expected that the next power battery manufacturers profit will drop from 20% to about 10%." At the same time, the people told reporters that for car prices, in order to achieve cost reduction, first of all to master the core " "Technology, followed by upgrading the scale of production, the supply chain in their own hands. In addition, compared to today's independent new energy vehicle manufacturers only in the original models on the conversion. "The realization of new energy vehicles platform is also a major way to reduce costs." The people said.