Bike hand in the cloud of new energy 2017 will be its supply of more than 40 million batteries

- Mar 02, 2017-

Recently, the cloud of new energy vehicles Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cloud of new energy") brand conference held in Beijing, Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAK battery") were invited to attend the meeting. As a strategic partner, Sunny New Energy will purchase more than 40 million batteries from BAK Battery this year, covering H18650CIL-2.4Ah and N18650CL-2.75Ah and other models, loaded in this new medium-sized SUVπ3 and small SUVπ1 and other models in the.

Photo: Clouds are new models - π1 and π3

This time the new energy release π1 models will have two power configuration: the city version matching 24 degrees, 0 to 50km / h acceleration with about 6s, 200km above the mileage, suitable for commuting in the city; Electricity, 0 to 50km / h acceleration with less than 4.5s, 330km above the mileage, to meet the city's intercity traffic needs. As the current market, a rare life of more than 300km of the vehicle, the choice of temperature than the tricyclic material 18650 cylindrical batteries, from the energy density, cycle performance and other dimensions to meet the needs of vehicles.

Beike battery is the earlier selection of ternary materials technology line of enterprises, power battery energy density from the initial 176wh / kg increased to the current 232wh / kg, follow-up will be further increased to nearly 300wh / kg. In 2016, BAK throughout the year more than 50,000 power battery pack, in all domestic power battery enterprises ranked second, the overall power battery market share of nearly 10%, especially in the new energy vehicles with ternary power battery market , The share reached nearly 30%.

Image: BAK 18650 Cylindrical Cell

Clouds New Energy-related official said BAK is the leader in the power battery industry, especially in the field of ternary materials and 18650 cylindrical small battery, with mature technology, production and market support. We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with BAK battery, hope that both sides give full play to the advantages of users to bring more long life battery of new energy vehicles.

Cloud is the new energy automotive industry, "new", was established in December 4, 2015, January 20, 2017, access to the National Development and Reform Commission instructions to become the first ten to obtain pure electric passenger car production qualification of enterprises. Clouds brand positioning in the public favorite high-quality new energy vehicles, focusing on pure electric SUV, the slogan is "for the change and health." In addition to the development of three electrical systems, vehicle integration, lightweight and other pure electric technology, intelligent network and automatic driving and mobile travel and other forward-looking technology and services to do the layout, the goal is to become independent first-class brand for 5 years, 10 years to become international famous brand.

BAK as the power battery industry, "the elderly", from 2006 to get involved in the field of power batteries, the same year built China's first automated 18650 battery production line. After years of scientific research innovation and technological upgrading, at present, BAK in the field of power batteries have the most cutting-edge technical capacity and the most skilled production capacity for Dongfeng, FAW, Zhongtai and many other well-known car manufacturers to provide power batteries and power battery solution Program.