Bingzhuang Group to force the new energy vehicle sales in 2015 to be 225,000

- Jan 11, 2017-

January 17 morning news, deputy general manager of China Ordnance Equipment Group Shouwu Li said that in 2010 the company achieved operating income of 253.3 billion yuan, total profit of 7.65 billion yuan, plans 2015 profits of 20 billion yuan. Bingzhuang Group to the development of new energy vehicles as the next development focus, plans to 2015 sales of new energy vehicles 225,000.

In 2010 to achieve operating income of 253.3 billion yuan

Li Shouwu, deputy general manager of China Ordnance Equipment Corporation, said in 2010, the company achieved operating income of 253.3 billion yuan, an increase of 37.1%; total profit of 7.65 billion yuan, an increase of 37.5%.

Bingzhuang Group to form a special product, vehicles, new energy and equipment manufacturing four main business. In 2010, Bingzhuang Group sold 2.37 million vehicles, an increase of 30.94%; power transmission throughout the year ordering 127 million KVA, transformer market share of 10%; as a strategic emerging industry of new energy sales income of 6.1 billion , An increase of 154%.

In addition, last year, Bingzhuang Group also reorganized the Yunnan Internal Combustion Engine Plant, Yunnan Transformer Electric Co., Ltd., Zhongyuan Special Steel IPO financing 711 million yuan, Changan A-share additional approval, the establishment of weapons and equipment industry fund.

According to the plan, by the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", the Bingzhuang Group will quadruple the profit on the basis of 2009 to reach over 20 billion yuan; the per capita income of workers will be doubled to over 60,000 yuan; Some, reaching more than 380 billion yuan.

Plans to 2015 new energy vehicles to achieve sales of 225,000

Reorganization of China Aviation Automotive, Bingzhuang Group auto industry to complete China's auto industry so far the largest restructuring, Bingzhuang Group's auto industry successfully into the industry's first camp. Soldier Group has successively established strategic cooperation with Ford, Mazda, Suzuki, Peugeot Citroen, Lear, Visteon, Delphi and other multinational groups, successfully established Changan Ford, Changan Suzuki, Changan Mazda, Yamaha, Joint venture and cooperative enterprises, attracting nearly 30 billion yuan of foreign capital.

As of 2010, the Bingzhuang Group has built eight R & D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Harbin, Yokohama, Turin, Italy, Nottingham, UK, and is developing the Detroit R & D center in the United States, reducing the development cycle and R & The original new product development process in accordance with the standard process requires three years of the cycle, and now only 30 months to complete.

In addition, the Bingzhuang Group has 11 production bases in Chongqing, Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Shandong, Shanxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, 23 complete vehicles and 27 enterprises directly under the company, and the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, Iran, Ukraine, Vietnam and other overseas bases.

2010 Bingzhuang Group sold 2.37 million vehicles, an increase of 30.94%, than the "fifth" growth of 276.2% at the end. Motorcycles to achieve vehicle sales 5.22 million, more than "15" at the end of 42.2% growth.

In the new energy vehicles, the Benben MINI pure electric car to achieve trial production off the assembly line, the first domestic hybrid micro-car S460 successful research and development. It is expected that by 2015, Bingzhuang Group will complete the moderate hybrid industrial applications, to achieve pure diesel locomotive standard mix of weak hybrid, moderate hybrid car production capacity to 180,000 scale, weak hybrid car production capacity to reach 670,000 scale , Weak hybrid car production capacity to reach 1.31 million scale.

At the same time, Changan Automobile has selected Benben love model platform development four seat, Benben mini platform development two seat pure electric vehicles. At present, is based on industrial production and trial production off the assembly line of Benben mini and Benben love, for further vehicle optimization and enhanced verification test. It is expected that in 2015, the production capacity of Changan pure electric car will reach 100,000 units (including PIUG-IN), and the production capacity of pure electric micro cars will reach 230,000 units.

Li Shouwu said: "The new energy vehicles in the military equipment industry group, a strategic position." Bingzhuang Group will be based on the overall national strategic planning and market demand, increase research and development of new energy vehicles, plans to 2015 sales of new energy vehicles 22.5 million units.

"Thousands of people plan" experts to lead the new energy

Reorganization of China Aviation Automotive, Bingzhuang Group ranked first in the automotive industry camp. The acquisition of Tianwei Group, the soldiers loaded high group into the new energy industry, the formation of a new economic growth point.

Behind the talent support, Bingzhuang Group set up special funds for the "Thousand Talents Program" and the Group of experts paid monthly allowance, and provides "thousands of people plan" experts to enjoy the unit deputy treatment; Changan Automobile "Thousand Talents Program "Experts to provide laboratories, housing, cars," three key "; Tianwei equity and options such as long-term incentives. Bingzhuang Group introduced 10 "thousands of people plan" experts, among the first of the central enterprises.

"Thousands of people plan" expert Duan Zhihui Changan R & D for the two hybrid systems, so that Changan severe hybrid system reached the world advanced level. The "thousands of people plan" expert Huang Yuelong, Mai Yaohua team has maintained a single junction microcrystalline battery conversion efficiency of the world record. They independently developed a large area silicon-based thin-film solar cell light transmission components, product transmission rate of 20%, power up to 72W, in the international advanced level.

Huang Yuelong, Mai Yaohua the success of joining, to enhance the Tianwei thin-film solar technology, the first in the country to achieve the industrialization of solar film. Bingzhuang Group independent research and development, China's first fully independent intellectual property rights of thin-film solar greenhouse power generation system has been used in Shandong Shouguang. The project annual power generation of 26,000 kwh, the cost of crystalline silicon solar cells lower than 40%.

Tianwei 2008, 2010, won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, is currently building thin film silicon solar cell research and development center, will develop a new generation of thin-film batteries.

In addition, the Bingzhuang Group is currently involved in solar energy, wind power, with 18 new energy companies, the formation of an annual output of more than 11,000 tons of polysilicon, polycrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon cells, 800 megawatts of solar modules, amorphous thin film solar cells 75 trillion Tile, wind power machine 1000 sets of industrial capacity.

The photovoltaic industry has formed a complete industrial chain composed of silicon materials, ingots, slices, batteries, photovoltaic modules, control systems, solar trackers and system integration applications, and is currently the most complete enterprise in China's photovoltaic industry chain. Wind power industry formed by the wind power machine, blades, tower and wind farm development constitute the industrial chain.

From the start of the military equipment group new energy industry, in 2010 the sales income of 6.1 billion yuan, an increase of 154%.