BYD was Los Angeles 60 pure electric bus orders worth $ 48 million

- Jul 29, 2017-

 the local time on July 27, Los Angeles Metropolitan Traffic Authority and BYD signed an order agreement. The former will buy 60 pure electric buses from BYD's factory in Lancaster, California, for about $ 48 million.9k=.jpg

BYD's president, Li Ke, said BYD is happy to provide products for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which will bring 59 new jobs to the Lancaster plant.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Traffic Authority The order of the bus length of 40 feet (about 12.2 meters), equipped with 324 kwh of lithium iron phosphate battery. The car has a total of 40 seats, 160 miles (about 257.5 km) after a charge, the maximum speed of up to 60 miles (about 96.6 km).

However, the Los Angeles order of the models is not the largest electric bus BYD. Recently, BYD in the United States delivered the first 60 feet long (about 18.3 meters) pure electric bus, the car is equipped with 547 kwh battery pack, life mileage of up to 275 miles (about 412 km).

As early as 2013,20170728143548_1501223748731129518.png BYD in Los Angeles, north of Lancaster set up the first factory, there are currently more than 600 employees. Not long ago, BYD senior vice president, president of the United States Li Ke in CNBC "financial talk" column, said BYD's Lancaster plant in California, the expansion project will be completed in September.

The US electrek website points out that electric buses are now playing an increasingly important role in the United States and even in global public transport, and BYD and Proterra seem to be leading the way in the field. Not long ago, Proterra had just $ 55 million in financing for future expansion.