Charging pile in the end earn no money? Detailed description of the market value of charging pile

- Jan 21, 2017-

First, the charging station, charging the value of market development value of the pile

The core of the value of market development for charging stations is to show whether the construction of charging stations is profitable, under what conditions it is profitable, and how profitable it is under existing technical conditions. In this paper, we will analyze the revenue and expenditure of charging stations under different conditions, and study the yield of fuel and gas under the same conditions, in order to study the charging station balance point.

Second, electricity prices, oil prices, gas price comparison

To car, for example, compare car charging, refueling and filling mode of the cost of the situation:

2.1 Charging mode

According to the average commercial electricity peak of 1.212 yuan per kilowatt (local price, the same below) calculation, a pure electric car driving about 300 km of electricity consumption of about 55-60 kWh, charging about 70 yuan; if the use of the valley ( 23: 00-7: 00) electricity charge, 0.409 yuan per kilowatt, car charging costs about 24 yuan, the average charge per car is about 45 yuan.

2.2 refueling mode

At present the price of gasoline is 6.61 yuan / liter, in urban road conditions, the average fuel consumption per 100 km car 10 liters, driving 300 km, the average fuel cost of 198 yuan per car, much higher than the charging price.

2.3 The filling mode

Average gas volume of 50 cubic meters, the current natural gas industry gas price is 5 yuan / m3, the average consumption of natural gas per 100 km 7 cubic meters, then the average cost per vehicle 300 km to 105 yuan, lower than oil prices, Higher than the price.