Chengdu integrated into a large-scale increase in lithium battery cited lead growth soared geometric yet

- Jan 11, 2017-

In the entire lithium battery sector, the number of integrated into the flight (002190.SZ) recent performance of the most dazzling.

"The size of the company's float plate is relatively small, so it may be more conducive to capital and other speculation on its." A concern about the company's market trend, said.

It is understood that Chengfei integrated stock rose sharply due to its July 6 announced a proposed replenishment into the lithium battery industry, "non-public offering plan."

Subsequently, the integration into the beginning of a surge of flying into the sky, the company's stock for three days limit daily limit, so that the company on July 9 had to suspend for an hour. However, the day after the resumption of trading, stock prices continue to limit.

As of September 9, the company's share price has risen to 52.29 yuan high, compared to July 6 12.64 yuan in the opening price, just two months or so, the company's share price has risen 313.69%.

So, in the end is what kind of "non-public offering plan" allows Chengfei integrated stock so sharp rise?

The announcement shows that the total amount of the proceeds raised from the non-public offering will not exceed 1.02 billion yuan, and the net proceeds from the proceeds will be used for the capital increase of China Aviation Li-ion (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CATIC Li-ion" Lithium-ion battery project.

It is understood that China Aviation lithium was established in September 2009, the Department of Aviation Industry Group under the China Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute, a wholly owned subsidiary. Since the lithium in 2009 to set up lithium, it has not yet formed the scale of the first quarter of 2010 revenue 16.1 million yuan, net profit of -24 million.

The company is currently building power lithium battery production base of the second phase of the project. Relative to the first phase of the project is currently only two production lines and 30 million AH capacity, is under construction in the second phase of the project covers an area of 525 acres, will be completed more than 40 production lines, production capacity of 680 million AH.

Chengfei integrated issuance plan revealed that the project total investment of 1.7 billion, in addition to Chengfei integration, the Tianjin Yufeng Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., China Aviation Investment Holdings Limited, Hongdu Aviation (600316.SH) and China Airlines Industrial Group Corporation will jointly increase capital.

Among them, the cumulative capital increase of 1.02 billion yuan, all of the capital increase is expected to account for about 60% of China Aviation lithium shares.

In fact, replica louis vuitton handbags, replenishment of China Aviation lithium has been able to be so much attention to the market is simply because the concept of lithium batteries just to catch up with the popular "good times." Expectations, the new energy vehicles in the context of national policy support, as one of the core components of the lithium battery industry will usher in a broad space for development.

So, the replenishment of China Aviation lithium, the company will actually grow geometric performance?

The company said only after the implementation of the project, the company will enter the high-speed growth, strong support by the national industrial policy of the new energy industry is conducive to the company's future business scale and profit level of growth.

CIC Securities analyst Zhenyi said in its research report, the fund-raising project will expand into the integrated business of flying into the field of new energy power battery, the company will be a major positive, but the issue Plan there are uncertainties, so "temporarily not to give investment rating."

In fact, in accordance with the plan, Chengfei integration in order to implement this non-directional issuance of the program, you also need to get the company's board of directors, the assessment body issued a formal assessment report and the Commission approved a series of procedures.

It is understood that Cheng Fei integration of the current business content to CNC machining, automotive molds, auto parts based.

From the past performance, the company's performance can only be used "flat" to describe the first half of this year the company achieved sales of 97.395 million yuan, an increase of 17.66%, net profit of 21.1921 million yuan, up 9.53% over the previous year.

None of the top ten tradable shareholders disclosed in the CMAI is a fund, of which only one institution, Minsheng Securities, bought 320,000 shares in the second quarter of this year, making it the sixth-largest shareholder in circulation. Even in the first quarter of this year, and only the active growth of this one fund only one of China and Thailand, but in the second quarter of this year, the Fund has withdrawn from the top ten shareholders of tradable shares.