China, Japan and South Korea, the three lithium utmost near the waist cut Baotuan enterprises break

- Jan 11, 2017-

July and August the concept of new energy lithium plate stocks a strong rise in the market to witness the madness, but under the carnival of capital, but it is the collective domestic lithium enterprises face domestic disorderly vicious competition, Japanese and Korean companies to seize the market fierce internal and external attack dilemma . The day before yesterday, Shanshan Technology launched the "China Lithium Entrepreneur Club" was established in Ningbo, more than 80 domestic lithium-related enterprises gathered in charge of the industry, the industry's "crisis" and "machine." Hope with Baotuan heating, in the future competition in the new energy has more and more right to speak.

Lithium industry is facing internal and external attack

In the world began to greet a new energy revolution and low-carbon economy as the theme of the green tide. China's lithium industry after 20 years to accelerate the development of the world has gradually formed Japan, South Korea and China three pillars of the situation. Especially with the global rise of new energy electric car boom, as well as China's "second Five-Year" development plan on the "new energy", "new materials" industrial sector policy focus support, lithium battery industry, the rapid warming heat.

In the stock market, the concept of lithium batteries in July and August has entered a state of madness, under the leadership of the concept of new energy vehicles, as long as a little bit of lithium batteries to bring the concept, then the stock rose. Most people staggering is the concept of authentic lithium battery into the integration of more than 300%. So the market began to spread "lithium" want to how far, the stock will be able to fly high!

Compared to the fiery capital market, the domestic lithium battery industry is not optimistic.

"At present, a variety of domestic lithium battery business has more than 300, but the lack of international competitiveness, big but not strong." Harbin Guangyu Group Chairman Song Dianquan concluded that the domestic market. In this regard, the presence of dozens of entrepreneurs agreed. There are CEOs bluntly, compared with Japan and South Korea, China's output, but the safety performance, research and development should be backward, and the financial support compared to Japan and South Korea's consortium, most Chinese enterprises are poor money.

Talking about the status of the domestic lithium industry, Shenzhen Bangkai New Energy Group Co., Ltd. President Gao Ping kept sighing said, "very worried, really very worried."

In her view, the high degree of automation equipment South Korea has brought a great cost advantage, the Japanese advantage in technology. Prior to China's advantage is the market, however, rising labor costs, the appreciation of the renminbi, Japan and South Korea electronics giant to set up factories in China, the Chinese advantage disappeared.

According to the chairman of the South China lithium battery industry, Gao Ping, the domestic lithium business in the low-end mobile phone market share a lot. But in this round of smart phone development trend, the mobile phone manufacturers can not come up with solutions that can only do the most low-end products exported to India, African countries. And these markets are also set up a number of obstacles, coupled with domestic mobile phone manufacturers is a simple price war, independent research and development is not enough lead to high repair rate.

"Lithium battery sustenance of the mobile phone industry, high, medium and low-end all the problems, and now want to turn to the power battery takes time." Gao Ping exclaimed.

From the market situation, a large number of lithium batteries used in notebooks, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. are now almost all of Japan and South Korea, some of the world brand, before using a lot of domestic lithium battery notebook brands have begun to sluggish.

The chain gradually shrinking, the plight of lithium companies followed. A person in charge of lithium enterprises in southern China said privately, the first two years, a lot of corporate profits can be roughly maintained at around 20%, but in 2010 to slip a little more than 10%, but some good companies can maintain 20%. An industry well-known entrepreneurs and peer communication, directed at Samsung 18650 lithium battery. "Profits are compressed too hard to do."

"In 2008, the industry profits are still 40%, and this year should be roughly 15% -20%." Shanshan new energy technology company president Li Zhihua respect.