China's new energy vehicles in 2020 industrialization and market size to reach the world

- Jan 11, 2017-

China strives to be the first in the world

From the international competition, Germany Daimler announced and Renault - Nissan cooperation, the public end of last year announced the acquisition of 19.9% stake in Suzuki, are aimed at electric cars and small cars, GM Volt is finalized in the fourth quarter of 2011 in the Chinese market Sale.

Earlier, including FAW, Dongfeng and Changan, including 16 central enterprises set up the electric car industry alliance, SAIC and BYD also in the new energy vehicles on the layout of the scheduling.

It is understood that in the forthcoming announcement of the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan", put forward by 2020, China's new energy automotive industry and market size to reach the world.


Dongfeng Nissan in China next year to introduce electric vehicles

With the GM and other giants are also in the international market launch of new energy vehicle models, as well as domestic car prices, "Baotuan" layout, Chinese and foreign car prices fierce fighting new energy vehicles into the real operation stage.

Yesterday, the introduction of Guangzhou's electric car "hear the wind" (LEAF) completed the test drive. Dongfeng Nissan said next year will definitely put it into the Chinese market.

The domestic price or up to 40 million

"Hear the wind," the end of this year will be officially available in Japan and the United States, the price in the United States about 32,780 US dollars per vehicle than the general-purpose electric car Volt price of 8220 US dollars cheaper.

According to the earlier see Nissan and Guangzhou signed the "common to promote the electric car industry Memorandum of Understanding," manufacturers plan to take the vehicle import approach to "hear the wind" into Guangzhou, the price is about 40 million / vehicle.