Dongfeng Investment 3 billion to promote new energy automotive product development and industrial construction

- Jan 11, 2017-

Dongfeng Motor Corporation was informed that the company the next five years will be invested 3 billion yuan of special funds for energy-saving and new energy vehicles, product technology development and industrialization, and strive to 2020, the new energy vehicles to achieve the same with traditional cars Competitiveness, technology reached the international advanced level, the market holdings of 800,000.

At present, the Dongfeng Company has signed the project mission statement with the major units of the project, involving 16 major projects, including pure electric car development, hybrid bus performance improvement and upgrade development, vehicle controller development, covering vehicle product development, core technology And key assembly research and development, as well as traditional automotive technology improvements and so on.

Zhou Wenjie, deputy general manager of Dongfeng, said the company is the earliest in the development of new energy vehicles, one of the enterprises. Now the master of hybrid vehicle development vehicle integration and related technology research, the establishment of the relevant test technology standards and evaluation system. At the same time, but also through the necessary investment in the construction of hardware facilities to strengthen the electric vehicle R & D basis, access to new energy vehicles up to 67 patented technology.

The latest statistics show that Dongfeng has a total of more than 400 vehicles energy-saving and new energy vehicles, Wuhan, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and the national grid and other regional demonstration run.

Zhou said that the next 10 years, Dongfeng energy-saving and new energy vehicles, will use the core resources to establish technological superiority, promote product structure adjustment. Among them, the development of new energy products mainly include three aspects: First, the integration and improvement of hybrid car results, the introduction of hybrid commercial vehicles and hybrid, slightly mixed hybrid car products; the second is to promote pure electric and plug-in hybrid Power car product R & D work to speed up its pace of industrialization; third is to seriously study and closely follow the fuel cell vehicle technology.