Dry battery

- Nov 02, 2016-

Dry-cell batteries the nominal value of 1.5V, it has expanded and now has four generations of products

First-generation battery paste battery, has now been selected;

Secondary battery is paper glue-type high capacity batteries, it has a high capacity battery than the first generation of about 30%, the disadvantage of this battery is used in late onset of leakage, if not promptly replaced, that come in contact with the metal will rust, poor contact, even corrosion circuit elements;

Third generation of high power batteries are zinc chloride battery. its about l times higher volume than the first generation of batteries, also known as ultra high capacity battery

The fourth generation of alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide dry cell, 213 times times more volume than the first generation.

Third to fourth-generation batteries are high current discharge in succession, no leakage, long service life.

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