Electric balance car market monitoring: Nearly Jiucheng products have problems with manufacturers to fill the battery with yellow sand

- Jan 06, 2017-

Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision held a press conference, announced the third quarter of 2016 electric balance car risk monitoring results. Reporter was informed that the risk monitoring samples taken 29 batches, monitoring results show that 25 batches found that the problem was found in 86.2%. It is worth mentioning that the monitoring found three batches of samples using shoddy batteries, manufacturers use yellow sand to fill the battery or use of waste batteries, there is a greater security risk.

Common electric balancing car can be broadly divided into three kinds: electric single wheel balance car, electric double wheel balance car (with joystick) and electric double wheel balance car (no joystick). The product quality risk of electric balancing vehicle mainly includes riding safety risk and electrical safety risk. In response to these quality risks, the third quarter of 2016, Jiangsu Province, Quality and Technical Supervision commissioned the State Light Electric Vehicle and Battery Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to carry out the electric balance car risk monitoring.

The risk monitoring is referenced to GB31241-2014, GB4943.1-2011, GB4706.1-2014, EN15194: 2009 + A1: 2011, UL 2272. Major projects include: vehicle performance, battery safety, charger security. Risk monitoring sampling 29 batches, mainly from the sampling of manufacturing enterprises, the store to buy samples and network to buy samples. Of which 25 batches found the problem, the problem was found in 86.2%. Among them, Jiangsu production enterprises sampling 15 batches, 14 batches from the production enterprises, 1 batch from the store to buy samples. Among them, 13 batches found problems, accounting for 85.7%.

44.8%, 44.8%, 41.4% of the problems were found in the five items, which were 58.6%, 44.8%, 44.8% and 41.4%, respectively, according to the statistics of the project, the speed limit and warning function, wire and connection, charger input power and current, and charger short circuit protection device. . ; According to different sampling channel statistics, the proportion of the production enterprises, the physical market and the network platform are 85.7%, 100% and 81.8% respectively;

According to the production area statistics, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing problem discovery rate of 100%, Jiangsu and Guangdong were 86.7%, 60.0%. According to vehicle statistics, 88.9% of the wheel balance vehicles, wheel balance vehicles (unbalanced rods) 94.4%, wheel balance vehicles (with a balance bar) of 0.0%. According to the market to buy samples of different price range statistics, 900 yuan all the problems found, 900 to 1500 yuan for 83.3%, 1500 above is 66.7%.

It is worth mentioning that the risk monitoring found three batches of low-quality batteries, these three batches of sample battery packs are composed of two sets of battery strings, and have a battery string is not connected to the circuit. Of which 1 batch of 10 single cell voltage is 0V, apart from one of the single battery found that the battery inside the filler is yellow particles. The other two batches after dismantling found batteries for the waste products. This reporter has learned that these three batches of samples in the riding test were a sudden power failure, the pilot fell.

In this regard, the State Light Electric Vehicle and Battery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, a senior engineer Xu Feng explained that when the balance car to accelerate, climbing or obstacle, the need for high current power supply, but only half of the battery pack access circuit , The other half for the inferior battery, the battery capacity of the discharge performance of insufficient rate can not meet the current demand for high-current, resulting in power shortage, a sudden power failure, resulting in riders fall fall. "On the other hand, this low-quality battery capacity is only half of the same product, driving range is very short, and declared a big gap."

In addition, the risk monitoring, there are two batches of lithium batteries in the heavy impact test explosion.

Hot Questions

1, the balance car can run fast? How to brake? Riding safely?

Electric balancing car works by gyroscope to calculate the attitude and adjust to balance, the body does not have the traditional vehicle grips and foot brake system, acceleration, deceleration is achieved by forward and backward, when the balance car To prevent excessive speed, the balance car designed a number of safety measures: When the balance car speed too fast, should have the initiative to adjust the tilt angle, inhibit the body forward, to limit the speed of the vehicle speed is too high, can not be timely and effective braking, The purpose of the increase in speed is an active safety. In this risk monitoring of 29 batches, 17 batches of problems were identified.

Unlimited speed insecurity. The risk monitoring, 17 batches do not have speed limit function, the problem was 58.6%. Motorized vehicle speed proportional to the size of the driver's body tilt. The power of the electric balancing car is not only used to maintain speed and acceleration, but also to maintain vehicle balance. When the motorized vehicle accelerates to a certain speed, the driver's body tilt and the speed of the vehicle is in balance, such as the vehicle does not have the speed limit function, the driver continues to increase the body tilt angle, speed further rise, The car has no remaining power to maintain the balance of the vehicle, causing the cyclist to fall and fall.

For electric balancing vehicles that rely on the center of gravity of the user to move forward or stop, the road is more susceptible to a large number of uncontrollable factors. If the speed too fast, the user itself and the surrounding pedestrian will pose a security threat. Suggested that consumers in the balance when riding a car, pay attention to control the speed.

No warnings are at risk. The risk monitoring, 14 batches do not have a warning function, the problem was found in 48.3%. Warning function is a kind of passive safety measures taken by the electric balancing vehicle. When the speed is too fast, the rider is reduced by the sound alarm, light flashing, vibration and other forms.

To a certain extent, can reduce the risk of riding a person falls, but the role of warning function is limited, such as the voice warning sound is very small, in the process of riding can not effectively prompt the rider; light warning range is relatively small , Due to riding posture reasons, the rider eyes are forward to see, it is difficult to observe the changes in light; vibration alarm to a certain extent, although prompted the role of riding to the staff, but for the balance car, It is very important to maintain balance, vibration in the process of riding tips, may lead to vehicle out of balance. The risk monitoring did not find the use of vibration alarm of the prototype.

In this risk monitoring found that most manufacturers use "drops" beep alarm sound, and the volume is small, can not effectively remind the user to reduce speed. At the same time, when children use, can not understand this beep is too fast tips, if the use of voice prompts, more intuitive and clear, more effective to achieve the purpose of warning. It is recommended manufacturers in the form of alarm can use voice prompts. Consumers should also carefully read the product brochures to understand the function of product alerts, the use of children, parents should fully inform and guide how to use.

2, the balance car can run far?

Statistics, wheelbarrow battery actual capacity of about 2000mAh, driving range of about 12km; dual-wheel balance car battery capacity of about 4000 mAh actual driving range of about 15km or so, the phenomenon of virtual manufacturers is more common.

Low battery usage is at risk. ① discharge capacity is insufficient. Battery voltage is relatively low, the battery discharge capacity weakened, the user continues to ride, the voltage will be quickly pulled down, power shortage, resulting in crash; ② under-voltage protection. Under normal circumstances, the controller set the normal operating voltage should be greater than the battery discharge cut-off voltage.

In the normal operating voltage range, if the voltage of the controller is lower than the discharge cut-off voltage set by the battery, it will be very easy to trigger off the battery output, resulting in power failure. Balanced low battery, such as continue to use, will lead to battery voltage drops to under-voltage protection value, battery power, resulting in crashing. Suggested that consumers riding a balanced car after a certain time and distance, it is time to charge the vehicle, not in the case of low battery continue to use.

3, the balance car can bring people?

Most of the electric balancing cars are designed to carry only one adult's weight. Wheelbarrow is only one motor, usually 500W power; two-wheel balance car in both left and right wheels are equipped with motor, the general for the 250W. The load will lead to balance the car without sufficient power balance to maintain balance; overload when the need for battery supply high current, the core of the rate of discharge performance is insufficient, can not achieve high current output, easily lead to fall.

Recommended consumer single ride, the load specified in the factory use, do not overload riding.

4, the appearance of the same balance cars, the price gap, cheap goods have a good it?

Select the risk monitoring of the two batches of products for analysis, the price was 513 yuan and 1990 yuan, the two almost the same appearance, although the surface can not tell the pros and cons, but in fact very different internal, mainly in the battery, motor on. Batteries, 513 yuan balance for low-quality battery inside the battery, the battery pack is not connected to the battery half of the circuit, not access to batteries is the waste products.

Motor, 513 yuan balance car motor jerry-building, a direct result of less than the nominal power value, not only will fall car hidden danger, the use of severe fever will occur, the motor efficiency is low, resulting in continued mileage less than serious, will lead to fire car. In addition, the plastic shell, the charger is also a place where the price difference.

Balance car homogenization of serious, almost the same appearance, consumers are difficult to distinguish the merits of the product, to guard against unreasonable low-priced products, but also need to strengthen supervision of the Government, through the development of standards, the introduction of certification system to eliminate market chaos.