Electric bicycle field has experienced a bloody baptism of the market

- Jan 06, 2017-

"There are three kinds of tools, one is the ax, one is a machete, one is a chain saw, I use the ax with the cooked, you use the chain saw with the cooked.But with ax and chain saw which is more powerful, now Look, you and I are still just started not long, far from reaching the peak, but also not to who can completely defeat the time.

December 22, located in Suzhou New District, No. 181 Jinsha Road office, Star Constant Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xing Heng Power"), general manager of Feng Xiao laugh with the analogy to the high-lithium power network to explain his power battery Understanding of the technical route.

Star constant power Feng Xiao, general manager

In his view, whether it is lithium iron phosphate, ternary, or lithium manganese oxide, in technology there is still much room for growth in the market also have their own good at all.

13 years, this rather international vision of the battery industry veterans uphold the idea of focusing on, and always focus on the industrialization of lithium manganese battery applications, from electric two-wheeled vehicles to electric logistics vehicles, to electric passenger cars to pragmatic Sound rhythm in the industry deep plowing secret agents, and did not cause too much outside attention.

However, in the past 2016, the field of electric vehicles in the sudden emergence of logistics, supporting more than 10,000 sets of power battery pack, accounting for up to one third of the market, becoming the annual market leader in high-profile.

"As the international mainstream and mature power battery technology line, lithium manganese battery in the country has not been a large-scale application, mainly due to the start of new energy vehicles in China is starting from the bus field, as the market gradually subsided manganese Lithium will be in the logistics car and passenger car promising, and this is the star constant 13 years, always adhere to the main reason for lithium manganese line.

Star constant power as the helm, whether for the electric car market, or for the power battery technology line, Feng Xiao has a clear understanding and judgment, in his view, if the development of electric cars than the marathon Race, at this stage is still in the starting 3-4 km stage, there are 38 to run behind the road.

"Whether industry structure, technology trends, or market choice, are still far from conclusive, whether the final Swordsman, must rely on the depth of understanding of end-user needs, as well as industrial applications in the performance and cost of continuous exploration . "

And other battery companies are different is that the eve of the electric vehicle industry in China, the veteran Star Heng has taken a step in the field of electric bike has experienced a bloody baptism of the market, 400 million at home and abroad supporting Application, whether it is for industrial manufacturing, or for the market awareness, have done enough accumulation, lay the fight.

"Although the power battery industry is currently in the policy and the capital of the waves, but the market is always the constant adherence to the development of the only constant." Feng said with a firm look.

Before he became general manager of Xingheng, Feng Xiao was the first salesman in Xinghengheng. He was the first manager of electronic department, the first manager of product department, the first assembly factory manager. One thing: the market is the most stable enterprises to survive the foundation and strength.

Why is LiMn2O4 neglected?

As a more mature technology of power battery line, lithium manganese battery has been widely used in the international arena, today, carrying AESC lithium manganese battery Nissan Leaf an electric car sales to more than 350,000, the world's largest cumulative sales , The longest use of new energy automotive products.

But for a long time, lithium manganese oxide batteries in the country and did not receive due attention, both in the market share, or in the number of participating companies, accounting for significantly lower than lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries.

The face of such doubts, Feng laugh that the reasons for the neglect of lithium manganese in the country, there are two main reasons, one is the domestic market of new energy vehicles start from the bus, based on security considerations, the bus is indeed necessary Lithium iron phosphate-based. From the international point of view, the first start is the passenger car, the choice is based on lithium manganese and three yuan-based.

The second reason is that the domestic power battery industry due to the lack of accumulation in the early stages of development of the industry, widespread parroting, blindly follow the trend, "Tesla what materials I use what materials, what materials I use BYD, But did not seriously consider the reasons for the choice of others, swarming imitation and follow the trend caused by the status quo today.

Feng Xiao's understanding is that lithium battery applications include energy, life, safety, power, high and low temperature performance, cost and other comprehensive composite applications, among a variety of technical routes, there is no best lithium battery, only the most appropriate Of lithium batteries, each material in the future will have their own application space.

"In the bus will mainly use lithium iron phosphate, but down to the passenger car, iron lithium should account for the smallest part of the most mainstream should be ternary and lithium manganese oxide, and then sinking to the logistics car should be based on manganese Acid lithium - based, and then sinking, to the electric tricycle and four - wheelers, the vast majority should be lithium manganese - based.

Feng laugh that the current situation, lithium manganese battery performance, cost, the advantages of secondary life is still far from being fully played out, which is the constant star of the housekeeping skills, but also the star constant battle campaign logistics vehicles and the future of passenger Car market, the core weapon.


△ Star Constant power supply supporting the battery electric vehicle logistics

A group of reference data is released in December 28, the fifth batch of new energy vehicles to promote the directory, equipped with constant lithium manganese battery electric vehicle logistics models up to 14, and if the finalists counted the fourth installment Directory and promote the directory of local governments, then its supporting models have more than 30 models.

From small to large from the business to the people

In just one year became the industry leader, both with the constant constant thirteen years in the field of lithium manganese oxide persists inseparable, more importantly, the exact number of the electric vehicle market-oriented start Of the pulse.

In accordance with the normal start of the electric car market rules, should be from small to large (from the passenger car to the bus), from commercial to civilian rhythm. However, in the country, driven by the policy-driven, there has been the opposite situation, that is, from the bus to the passenger car, but basically followed from commercial to civilian laws.

Electric vehicles as a new alternative, from small to large, because the small battery easier to do, from commercial to civilian, because it is easier to calculate the value of commercial product life cycle, while the application of product feedback cycle is relatively more Short, mature market more quickly.

According to Feng Xiao, "from small to large, from commercial to civilian" judgment, in these two curves, the logistics vehicle is an intermediate point of intersection, "logistics vehicle is the production tool, the application of a single scene, the product easier to define , The application side is more sensitive to the use of the cost of electricity in the explosive growth of the economy under the promotion of the next three to four years, electric logistics vehicles will be the most likely large-scale market-oriented market segments.

As for the start-up node of the passenger car market, Feng Xiao cautiously optimistic attitude: Passenger car is the most popular market, but also the latest mature market.