Electric car time-sharing lease the first case of collapse - Friends of the car announced to stop operation

- Mar 13, 2017-

March 10, electric car time-sharing leasing operators Friends of the official car WeChat issued a public announcement, officially announced to stop operations. The main reason for saying that the cessation of operations is "due to the fact that the investment money previously signed is not in place" and that all user account deposits will be returned.

Industry interpretation for this is our vigorous electric car time-sharing investment boom in the first collapse of the event.

Data show that Beijing Friends of Friends of the car formerly known as Friends of Friends car rental, was established in March 2014, the initial business is P2P private car sharing platform, renamed after 2015 business transformation mainly engaged in electric vehicle time-sharing leasing.

Up to now, Friends of the car has been in Beijing, Xi'an and other 18 cities started the layout, established in Beijing, nearly 200 outlets, the main models are Chery EQ, EV200, EV160, E150EV.

Friends of the car belongs to China earlier into the electric car time-sharing lease of a group, has successfully completed a number of rounds of financing, access to up to more than 20 million dollars in investment, investors, including easy car, light speed Zhen, Xianfeng Huaxing (K2 ) And angel investors Wang Gang and so on.

Which in September 2014, Friends of the Friends of the car by the speed of light by the Chinese fund collar investment peak Huaxing 10 million US dollars A round of financing. In March 2015, Friends of Friends of the car was easy to drive 10 million US dollars A + round of financing.

Friends of the car co-founder Jiang engine for Friends of the car from the traditional car rental business to the electric car time-sharing leasing as a business transformation and upgrading, in the P2P traditional car rental mode operation blocked, he chose the electric car time-sharing leasing.

Jiang said that the choice of time-sharing leasing, because such a lease method is more convenient than before. The use of new energy vehicles as a leasing market entry, in addition to conform to national policy to facilitate the operation of the market, the lease itself itself requires a very high intelligence and convenience, and new energy models is a very good carrier. And the wind control coefficient is higher than the traditional model.

He has made it clear that the new energy vehicle time-sharing leasing is a new industry, and there is no outside rumors of competition so intense, the development of space is still great.

Friends of the car's strategic plan, the first Beijing as a pilot for a variety of operating models to be practiced, but that the real battlefield is in the second and third tier cities to start.

But Jiang Qing also admitted that the current stage of the leasing business profitability is not enough. Business model also need to improve.

"At present, there is no time-sharing leasing business can be fully profitable." This is his interview at the end of 2016 when the interview.

Since 2016, China's electric car sharing and time-sharing leasing presents an unprecedented investment boom, in addition to the Internet companies to join, some car prices have entered this ranks, which also attracted all kinds of capital have entered.

But it is undeniable that the current stage of electric car rental investment, recycling cycle is long, the profit model is not yet mature, etc., have become a test of investor capital and strength factors. Friends of the collapse of the car, perhaps to bring some cold thinking in the industry.

The following is the Friends of the car with the original announcement:

To all users, you industry colleagues, friends:

First of all, very sorry to inform you, since the investment before the signing of the money is not in place, in order to effectively protect the interests of the majority of users, the management after careful consideration, decided to return all the user account deposits, stop operation.

At present, the Friends of the car line APP, server and offline customer service, vehicle rental business have been discontinued, but the user most concerned about the account refund service will continue until all users of all account balance were returned.

As the customer service system has been closed, users in the account still have the balance of any refund channel can be refunded by any of the following channels:

WeChat channel, add the following micro-signal, or WeChat search "Friends of the refund" micro-signal, contact the staff to refund;

2. Mail channel, send mobile phone number, name, bank account, account number and other information to tuikuan@uuzuche.com, to facilitate us to contact you for a refund.

Second, since March 2014 to carry out car sharing business, we and the majority of users and industry colleagues accompanied by nearly three years time, thank you all the support has been, but also hope that you do not rumors for rumors rumors, for Friends Car, there is no more harm than the interests of users so that we are more sad things, and we can guarantee is:

Friends of the car is still registered with the staff in the normal office, but because the number of employees less, in case of no answer, please contact the above WeChat;

Before the end of the settlement, Friends of the car's financial, BD, legal and other personnel will continue to work, the relevant staff will have to deal with customer refund and other matters, please also Friends of the user to tell each other, please contact us as soon as possible Clear all payments.

Friends of the car since its inception, there is no one day wages of employees; not even "Paolu, no refund" and other things; for malicious rumors rude information of the individual, media and institutions, Friends of the car Retain the right to bring legal action.

Finally, I would like to say hello to everyone. The only thing we can do now is to complete the customer's refund as soon as possible and complete the aftermath of the business.

However, for the future of the economy we still have the hope and hope to share the economy for everyone to bring more convenience, economy and benefits, thank you!