Electric power / intelligent trend of the world's top ten auto parts manufacturers have done what layout?

- Jul 31, 2017-

Automatic driving and new energy vehicles have become an important trend in the future development. In addition to the main engine factory, the auto parts manufacturers are also furious to seize more market right to speak.

According to the finishing found that most of the auto parts manufacturers in 2016, 2017 two years began more and more frequent layout of the action, mainly focused on the layout of intelligent vehicles, automatic driving and new energy vehicles and other fields, and Will be China as an important market.360se_picture.jpg

All along, China's high-end auto parts market is basically occupied by foreign companies. However, many experts believe that new energy vehicles and smart cars or become China's auto parts manufacturers to achieve the opportunity to overtake the corner.

Among them, both wins electronic as one of the top 100 global automotive suppliers, through several acquisitions of foreign enterprises, has been in the human-computer interaction interface, advanced driving support system, intelligent car and new energy automotive electronics and other fields made Not a small achievement.

Here, let us take a look at Bosch, Denso, Continental Group, the world's top ten auto parts manufacturers in the new energy vehicles, autopilot and other areas to do what layout?

Bosch: "heavy bet" future urban intelligent transportation solutions

Germany Bosch is the world's largest supplier of automotive technology, covering gasoline systems, diesel systems, automotive chassis control systems, automotive electronics drives, starters and generators, drive and control technology, thermal technology and security systems.

According to Bosch forecasts, benefiting from the intelligent and electrification business, Bosch Automotive business sector in 2017 operating income will reach 47 billion euros (about 364.8 billion yuan), representing an increase of 7% in 2016. In 2016, Bosch Automotive and Intelligent Transportation Technology business in China created 66.3 billion yuan in sales, an increase of 23.5%, more than the average market growth.

Bosch has a lot of patents in autopilot, involving sensors, autopilot, control, software and other fields, a total of about 450 items. In order to better deal with the automotive electric, intelligent trend, Bosch in the new energy automotive motor and electronic control, automatic driving, Internet of things, aftermarket and many other areas of the market in-depth layout.

In June 2017, Bosch invested 1 billion euros in Germany to build semiconductor factories, to meet the automatic driving, networking and other chip needs.

In the field of automatic driving, Bosch and domestic map suppliers Baidu, Gao De, four-dimensional map, such as new cooperation to jointly develop a suitable for domestic traffic conditions of precision positioning service "Bosch road characteristics."

At present, Bosch in China a year more than 15,000 sets of new energy automotive products supply to China's car manufacturers. In the future, Bosch will be more focused on the construction of interconnected intelligent city R & D, and provide intelligent transportation solutions.

Japan Denso: full force automatic driving technology

Denso is one of Toyota's original parts factory, 1949 independent from the Toyota Group, set up a new company. At present, Denso is the world's top supplier of automotive system components, mainly to provide automotive frontier technology, systems, engine management, body electronics, driving control and security, information, automotive air conditioning equipment, heating systems and other products and services.

As early as the 20th century, 90 years, Denso began to face the use of obstacle detection, research and development used to capture the situation around the car camera, millimeter-wave radar and LIDAR and so on. In recent years, Denso has accelerated the layout of the automatic driving technology, on the one hand by way of investment and mergers and acquisitions to improve its automatic driving technology, on the other hand through cooperation with other enterprises to achieve.

In addition, according to foreign media reports, Suzuki Motor, Toshiba and Denso jointly established a joint venture in India to produce automotive lithium batteries, with a total investment of 20 billion yen (about 184 million US dollars).


Delphi: Focus on R & D and automated driving

As the world's largest supplier of auto parts, Delphi stripped of some low-margin automotive supply business, while driving automatically as the company's future growth potential of the business sector. To this end, Delphi developed two strategies: First, with the car manufacturers to develop from the L2 level to the L3 level of semi-automatic driving; Second, in 2019 CSLP (Central sensor positioning and planning automatic driving system) mass production, to help the car Manufacturers to achieve 4/5 automatic driving. While China is an important market for Delphi to complete these two strategies.

It is understood that Delphi has established in China 4 major global technology research and development centers and 18 production bases, and with many vehicle manufacturers to maintain a close working relationship.

Need to mention is that Delphi and BMW, Intel, Mobileye formed a strategic alliance, for automatic driving platform development. Delphi official said, Delphi will be in 2019 for the OEMs to provide mass production L4, L5 advanced automatic driving the overall package program. Delphi focused on software computing and control, Delphi through the acquisition of Control-Tec and Movimento, improve their own data transmission and processing capabilities.

In addition, Delphi also strategically invests in Valens and Otonomo, a company that delivers global standards for ultra-clear video, audio, Ethernet and control data, while Otonomo can anonymously prioritize and prioritize data.

At present, Delphi's main business is electrical and electronic business, powertrain business and electronics and security business, and automatic driving active safety system has become one of Delphi's fastest growing business.

Germany ZF: to achieve "zero accident driving" vision

In the field of automatic driving, ZF developed a "zero" vision, and strive to zero accident, zero emissions in the direction of forward. To this end, ZF developed a concept called "Vision Zero" concept car. The car from the public Tuan heavy conversion from the integration of ZF's most advanced "zero vision" technology, to achieve the level of three-level automatic driving, fully realize see, think, act (observation, thinking, action) three Dimensions of the function.

In order to allow automatic driving to accelerate landing, ZF through research and development, acquisition, cooperation, etc. in order to obtain a lot of technical accumulation. As early as 2015, ZF acquired the TRW (TRW), which prompted ZF to become a heavyweight company in the field of automatic driving.

So far, ZF continued to acquire the laser radar company Ibeo, Germany Branch extension electronics and other companies, and with the Hai La, Virginia, the British Weida, etc. to reach cooperation,