Electric universal accelerated secondary battery industry benefits

- Nov 02, 2016-

National electric car up her mind is now irreversible, in the process of electric cars, what are investors investment opportunities? In addition to making the car itself, greatest opportunity in electric vehicles batteries this link.

National development and Reform Commission recently issued the guidelines on the electric car electricity quote tells about the questions, centralized operations fully implemented for power equipment offers discount to meet large industrial electricity prices, and free basic electricity before 2020. Household residence, residence community and other charging equipment to fulfil residential electricity prices. Electric car charging for power equipment implementation of peak-Valley TOU tariff policy, encouraging users to drop charge costs.

Car this, some local money has three, one is buying a car, second, fixing cars, three is the driving force. Corresponds to the car are car manufacturers, car corresponds to the repair shop, momentum corresponds to the petrochemical plant. Gauge for electric cars is still something, just replaced battery fuel tank, changed the oil circuit, built large cars probably manufacturers such as Faw, Shanghai automotive industry, Guangzhou automobile, car is still existing 4S store and repair shop. Only one major change, that is, petrol is no longer used, use the battery. Corresponds to the stock market, a battery company, a raw materials for batteries, will increase business.

Two kinds of electric vehicle battery first, one is at home recharge themselves, and the other is replaced at the specified address. According to Baidu baike, said United States there is a zinc-oxide batteries, components of the capacity of a general lead acid battery 5 times, now has been used in a number of post offices and public cars. The battery has a strength, that is, the negative pole of the battery needs to be replaced, changed battery may also not take 10 seconds.

We dream about, if cars were converted into electricity in the future, it will take how much battery. In addition, regardless of owner at home recharge is changing utility change battery, it needs much electricity. In future years, projects will also give investors a loss of power. And now there is a very big advantage, that is, there are a lot of coal dug out no local uses, can be used to generate electricity.

Investors can expect coal company's winter will gradually in the future past, generating orders will continue to increase, zinc batteries primary raw materials needed will be strong, battery production companies may face out of stock conditions, sale of electric cars may be very strong, if purchasing electric vehicles do not have to shake, shake, a higher success rate.