enterprises that won the Golden Globe Electric Vehicle Battery Awards

- Jan 07, 2017-

To measure the value of reputation, innovation and occupation of the initiative to win the market quality. Over the years, the Golden Globe Award for industrial innovation and brand influence as a benchmark.

2016 Annual Engineering Golden Globe Award to "find new impetus to the industry" as the theme, from June 1 to open the registration channel, the lithium battery industry chain at home and abroad to actively participate in the middle and lower reaches of enterprises. Participate in enterprises covering lithium battery materials, equipment, batteries, motors, electric control, car prices and other lithium-wide industrial chain.

The afternoon of December 9, 2016 Engineering Golden Globe Award Ceremony and the 10th anniversary of high-tech research was held ceremoniously. The scene more than 600 industry elite witnessed the lithium industry's annual bright ceremony. The Golden Globe Awards ceremony by the Ningde era and Desai automation joint title, Han family laser full special support, but also by the Dongguan Bell, Chong Ming battery, sea star, blue sea Huateng strong support.

The Golden Globe Awards set a total of four awards, namely: lithium supply chain selection, testing and evaluation of lithium battery products category, the new energy vehicles and Engineering Research Institute Award category. Among them, the lithium battery product testing and selection of class is designed to pass the strict third-party product testing, with the actual test data to select the mobile power, balance car, unmanned aerial vehicles, wear equipment, electric bicycles, new energy vehicles six annual " Battery good product ".

Such awards invited the Guangdong Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute") as a sample testing, monitoring agencies. Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute was established in September 1983, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision under the statutory third-party specializing in product quality inspection and certification bodies, the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision directly under the Deputy Level institutions, set the detection, testing, inspection, certification, calibration, ability to provide proof, the standard system of scientific research and revision in one, with the international advanced, the leading domestic professional and authoritative certification.

After a number of rigorous testing, the Organizing Committee of the Golden Globe of Engineering under the Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute provided the test data, selected in the six areas of the award-winning enterprises.

Among them, the evaluation of electric vehicle battery business products must pass the room temperature discharge capacity, room temperature rate discharge capacity, low temperature discharge capacity, high temperature discharge capacity, charge retention and capacity recovery, over discharge, overcharge, short circuit, extrusion, acupuncture Such as 10 stringent test items, any one can not pass the finalists can not be short-listed.

Ultimately, the current Golden Globe Award for electric vehicle battery business enterprises were Ningde era, Tian Jin shares, Shanghai card resistance, camel group, Maike new energy, Tianneng lithium, Di Biko, a battery and other enterprises.

And the evaluation of electric bicycle battery business products must pass the normal temperature capacity, low temperature capacity, high temperature capacity, I2 discharge capacity, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, high and low temperature impact, extrusion and other strict test items, any one Failed to pass the finalists can not be short-listed.

Ultimately, access to the current Golden Globe Award for electric bicycle battery business enterprises were the East of new energy, Tuo Si innovation, huge power and other enterprises.

According to the Organizing Committee, the quality of this election enterprises are more secure, which in some test items on the performance of more excellent.

For example, Chongming battery candidates (2055mAh) cylindrical lithium-ion battery, through the new national standard GB / T31484-2015 "electric vehicle power battery cycle life requirements and test methods", GB / T31485-2015 "electric vehicle power GB / T31486-2015 "electric vehicle battery power performance requirements and test methods" and other mandatory testing for new energy vehicles, electric bicycles, power tools, 3C consumer goods and other fields.

(2200mAh) 18650 lithium-ion battery has excellent performance in the test items of normal temperature capacity, low temperature capacity, I2 rate discharge capacity, etc., and has a good reputation in the field of electric bicycle and electric scooter battery market.

Tian Jin, chairman of Hong-hua, senior engineer of the lithium power grid, said Li-battery products in all tests, the car battery test items is the most, and most difficult to pass, many factors will lead to battery security risks. Tianjin shares in the R & D design, material procurement, manufacturing, and product systems and other aspects of strict control to ensure the company's battery product quality steadily improved, which has been the trust of many vehicle customers, and won the Golden Globe Good product awards is also on the days of the shares of the product quality once again affirmed.