esla's rechargeable battery can power your home with solar energy — here's how it works

- Sep 12, 2017-

Tesla is diving deeper into the solar business.

The electric-car maker set the website for its Solar Roof live on Wednesday, letting people order two of its four shingle options. (The other two will be available in 2018, it said.)

At $21.85 per square foot, Tesla's Solar Roof is more expensive than a common asphalt roof.

But Tesla said in a blog post on Wednesday that customers would see the savings on their electric bills.

"Solar Roof is more affordable than conventional roofs because in most cases, it ultimately pays for itself by reducing or eliminating a home's electricity bill," it said.

To experience those savings, however, customers would need an at-home battery. Otherwise, there's no way to store and use the electricity generated by the panels.

Tesla isn't the only company that sells at-home batteries — but interested Solar Roof buyers may want to opt for Tesla's version for a more seamless experience.

Here's everything you need to know about Powerwall 2, Tesla's at-home battery: