European emission resolution: lithium battery into the gold development period

- Jan 11, 2017-

Electric vehicles in Europe will have a major breakthrough, according to state science and technology (TRENDFORCE) research department EnergyTrend survey, the European Parliament passed the latest commercial vehicle emission standards resolution, low-emission vehicles will become the inevitable future development trend of depot, Year lithium battery has the pressure of oversupply, but according to the state of science and technology observation, with the vehicle emission standards gradually clear, car factory in order to prepare for the 2014 low-emission vehicles to market, will make the lithium battery shortage situation again staged (Figure 1) .

In this case,

European Parliament on February 15, 2011, the latest commercial vehicle emission standards for the resolution, for 3.5 tons in the load capacity of vehicles, vehicles produced by future depots, 70% of the amount required to meet the 175g / km emission standards , While the average proportion in 2017 is required to reach 100%. Car manufacturers that fail to meet the requirements will be required to pay an incremental emission penalty of $ 129 / g per unit beginning in 2019. In addition, the production emissions of less than 50g / km of vehicles, vehicle manufacturers will also be able to return to the high emission vehicles in the buffer amount (Figure 2).

In this case,

The resolution will also clearly reveal the European vehicle emission standards in the commercial vehicle tightening determination, will also accelerate the new energy vehicles related components of the alliance layout. In this atmosphere, the various depot is bound to be in the supply of spare parts, covering the use of lithium batteries.