GGII: 2017 China lithium battery anode material industry analysis report (sixth edition)

- Jan 06, 2017-

Research Institute of Advanced Industrial and Power Research Institute of lithium (GGII) research shows that 2016 domestic annual output of 12.25 million tons of anode material, an increase of 68.27%. 2) China's digital lithium battery market growth is slowing down, but the growth rate of China's lithium battery market is slowing down, but the growth rate of the domestic lithium battery market is slowing down, but the growth of negative material growth is mainly due to: 1) domestic power battery production growth of more than 50%, driven by negative material growth, especially man-made graphite anode material; The export volume of enterprises in Japan and South Korea has increased significantly, especially with the release of its capacity, the export volume of enterprises in Japan and South Korea has increased significantly. 2016 third quarter of 2016, the domestic power battery companies optimistic about the second half of the market is expected, part of the battery business to do part of the stocking of the anode material.

2016 negative material output value of 6.639 billion yuan, an increase of 64%. In 2016, although the prices of anode materials kept declining slowly, the growth rate of output value of domestic negative electrode materials was only slightly lower than the output rate due to the high value-added of artificial graphite and high-end natural graphite.

From the competitive landscape, Shenzhen Bei Terui, Shanghai Shanshan, Jiangxi purple Chen still occupy the top three positions, the three production accounted for more than 55%, but the market share of the three further narrowing the gap. Second-tier echelon manufacturers such as Shenzhen Snow, Huzhou Chuangya, Hunan Star City, Dongguan Kaijin, Shenzhen Fenghua and other enterprises driven by battery power to maintain rapid growth, such as Star City Graphite benefit from BYD and other enterprises, Dongguan Kai benefit Driven by CATL and other enterprises, as the negative material market in 2015 two dark horse, and in 2016 continued the strong growth momentum.

GGII that the next three years, China's power battery business competition will change greatly, and the power battery for negative material demand is much larger than the 3C digital battery, artificial graphite application ratio will be higher and higher. Attracted by the majority of application prospects, in 2016 more than negative material enterprises to increase production capacity expansion, and a number of new entrants into the enterprise.

GGII believes that the next three years, the market competition will further intensify, low-end repetitive capacity will be eliminated, with core technology and advantages of customers channels to obtain significant development, market concentration will be improved.

(GGII) through the perennial track anode materials and lithium power industry, write this report. The report gives a detailed study and analysis of the development characteristics, main products, output value and future market conditions of China's anode materials industry in 2016, and makes a certain analysis and forecast of the development trend of 2017-2018. GGII hope through the actual investigation and study, for the industry, investors, securities companies and people who want to know China's anode materials industry, provide accurate information report.

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table of Contents

The first chapter, China's lithium battery anode material industry status analysis

Section 1, the main characteristics of China's anode material industry analysis

Section II, China's anode material overall production and market size analysis

Section III, China anode materials business directory and regional distribution analysis

Section IV, Production and Sales Ranking of China 's Negative Electrode Production Enterprises

Section 5, Analysis of Price Trends of Chinese Negative Electrode Materials

The second chapter analyzes the development of different kinds of anode materials in China

In the first section, the development of natural graphite anode materials in China

Section 2, Development of Chinese Graphite Anode Materials

Section III, the development of new anode materials in China

Fourth, the development of China's anode material patent analysis

In the third chapter, the development of global anode materials is analyzed

Section 1, the global overview of the development of anode materials

Section II, the main foreign manufacturers of anode material profile

Section III, the global anode material market competition

The fourth chapter, the domestic key lithium battery anode material production enterprise analysis

The first section, comparative analysis of R & D capability and innovation ability

Section II, the comparative analysis of the growth of China's anode materials production enterprises

Section III, China 's main anode materials enterprises

Section IV, China's major anode materials enterprises product positioning and market strategy

The fifth chapter, lithium battery downstream application market analysis

The first section, 3C digital market development prospects analysis

Section 2, Electric Bicycle Market Analysis of the development prospects

In the third section, energy storage market development prospects analysis

Fourth, the new energy automotive application market analysis of the prospects

The sixth chapter, lithium battery anode material industry investment analysis and recommendations

The first section, China lithium battery anode material industry investment analysis and analysis

Section II, China lithium battery anode materials industry investment risk analysis

Section III, China's lithium battery anode material industry investment advice