Guo Xuan Gaoke Li Zhen ore and less fast and slow big and small interpretation of new energy vehicles policy

- Jan 06, 2017-

"Second, the economic form is from the" high-speed growth "to" orderly development "; Third, the cultural form is being made by the" cultural heritage "," cultural heritage "is the" Ship culture "return to" Chinese culture. "In this great era of change, to provide the impetus for social progress, energy storage technology, is also quietly undergoing great changes in automotive electrification is the trend of the times, but also the inevitable progress of human society select."


2016 January 5 to 6, in the country Hin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. sixth science and technology innovation conference and the tenth anniversary celebration, the State Xuan Chairman Li Zhen said at the opening ceremony.


Guo Xuan, chairman of Li Zhen Zhen

The theme of the conference was "Do not forget the beginning of the heart and not harm" as the theme, from the local government, domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, the domestic mainstream OEMs, core suppliers, the media and other nearly 500 Elite representatives from all walks of life attended the meeting. Engineering lithium as invited media participated in the conference.

It is understood that the State Science and Technology Innovation Conference Hin, has been held for six years, six years, has become a country to promote high-tech technological progress and the development of forward-looking platform. Over the past six years, Guoxuan Hi-Tech has established several R & D platforms in the United States, Japan, Shanghai and Hefei, and has cooperated with important scientific research institutions and well-known institutions at home and abroad to innovate, lead the way with demand, and use platforms to promote talents. , That vehicle companies to provide high-quality batteries as their responsibility, focus, continuous innovation, and actively promote the technological progress of power batteries.

In the opening speech, Li Zhen focus on new energy vehicles for new energy vehicles and the technological progress made in-depth interpretation and elaboration:

First, some of the policy awareness.

First, subsidies on "more" and "less" problem. 2016 years of cheating event, the development of the whole industry has caused a great negative impact. Many people believe that subsidies for new energy vehicles and more, all kinds of troops swarmed, the industry varies greatly, and thus should reduce subsidies. But on the one hand, according to incomplete statistics, the state, local government subsidies to the new energy automotive industry, but four hundred and fifty billion only. Compared to the annual investment in infrastructure construction of four, five trillion yuan, is negligible.

Second, the development of "fast" and "slow" problem. Many people believe that the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, which is compared with other domestic industries. On the international standard, from the industry in terms of scale, we really are the leaders, the battery technology progress in recent years is also more obvious. The energy density of lithium iron phosphate from 100Wh / kg in 2007 to the current 145Wh / kg. But the energy consumption and dynamic performance and other technical development is slow, there are still two or three years of the gap. Coupled with last year's subsidy policy has yet to come out, lost the golden time of development for one year.

Third, the enterprise "big" and "small" problem. The soul of a nation is innovation, the soul of a nation is to create a great enterprise. The current chain of new energy vehicles many enterprises, large and small, good and bad, must cultivate large enterprises in order to carry pressure to gather talent in order to promote China's new energy automotive industry to become the world leader.

Second, the new energy vehicles on the technological progress.

Technological progress, new energy vehicles will lay the foundation for the replacement of traditional cars. Especially when more and more heavy haze, oil less and less, electric vehicles will become more and more people's consensus. In fact, the key to technological progress on the three, one security, the second is life expectancy, the third is the energy density.

On security issues, this is the core. There are two ways to solve the security problem, one is the chemical method, through the battery design to solve; the second is the physical way, the safety system into the vehicle to protect the solution.

With regard to life issues, this is the key. The battery at least to do with the vehicle with the life, coupled with high energy density, new energy vehicles, environmental protection and the value of resource conservation can be fully reflected.

Regarding the energy density, this is fundamental. First, the battery weight, enhance the monomer energy density. A 20KWh battery, to lose weight 100Kg, which is 50% weight loss, is very difficult. Second, lightweight vehicle, reducing energy consumption. A 2-ton car, weight loss of 5%, which is 100kg, vehicle weight loss relative to the battery system weight loss easier to do. Therefore, in policy formulation, should promote the overall development of the industry point of view, in addition to the system energy density requirements, to increase the energy consumption of some requirements. To be more from the perspective of vehicle companies to consider.