Guoxuan Hi-Tech won the CLP 1.3.3 billion yuan power battery orders

- Mar 06, 2017-

March 1 evening, Kwok Hin Hi-Tech (002074) announcement shows that its wholly owned subsidiary Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hefei Guoxuan") and Zhongtong Bus (000957) signed the "2017 power battery contract of purchase". Zhongtong Bus intends to purchase 5700 sets of pure electric passenger car battery pack with Hefei Guoxuan, the total amount of the contract reached 1.329 billion yuan.

Zhongtong Bus is one of the earliest listed companies in China's bus industry. It is also one of the leading enterprises in the domestic new energy bus. The GGII data show that the total sales volume of the new energy passenger car in Zhongda Bus reached 14105 , In the domestic bus companies ranked second only in Yutong bus.

From 2017 the first batch of new energy vehicles recommended directory of view, the passenger car has 15 models into the second; in yesterday announced the second batch of new energy vehicles recommended directory, the bus also has 5 models on the list The

December 13, 2016, the bus will receive Liaocheng City Finance Bureau to pay the company to pay the 2015 national new energy vehicles to promote the cumulative subsidy of 2.04 billion yuan.

Guo Xuan Hi-Tech believes that the signing of the contract will help to further consolidate the company in the automotive power lithium battery industry's dominant position, while the company continued to optimize the customer structure, continue to expand the market, to achieve a strategic upgrade to bring a good demonstration effect. The amount of the contract accounted for 48.39% of the audited operating income of the Company for the year 2015, and the delivery was all in 2017, which is expected to have a positive impact on the Company's operating results in 2017.

Engineering lithium found that this is not the country Xuan Hi-Tech and the bus in the first cooperation. February 2, 2016, the bus and Hefei Guoxuan signed 1.03 billion yuan supply agreement, the bus to Hefei Guoxuan pure electric bus 6,000 sets of power battery pack. This became a large order reached by Nexavo in 2016, which had a positive impact on the year's performance.

According to the results of the Company's total revenue of RMB4,758 million, an increase of 73.3% over the same period of last year. Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by RMB779 million, representing an increase of 77.79% over the same period of last year.