he new energy vehicle market fell 7 percent year on year

- Feb 22, 2017-

In January, the new energy vehicle market fell 7 percent year on year, of which the new energy passenger car market sales of only 5400 units, down 61% year on year, many mainstream brand sales were cut, even There is zero sales situation, the entire market sales bleak. Nevertheless, SAIC new energy contrarian up. In January, SAIC new energy sales reached 1437, an increase of 22%, accounting for nearly 3 percent of the sales of new energy vehicles, and plug in the field of new energy vehicles significantly beyond the other models, accounting for 74% of the market share.

SAIC's new energy products in this month to achieve a variety of products, sales of the models in the market segments are in the forefront of the market The main sales model Roewe e550 last year's heat, as plug-in hybrid power in January sales of new energy vehicles in the field of top models, Roewe e950 is to further expand the new energy B-class car market advantage, leading China's new energy car market high-end development trend. Internet star models Roewe eRX5 has also been to store sales, a new round of new energy vehicle sales boom is about to open.

New energy subsidies to offset car prices rose sales frustrated, SAIC new energy "not price"

In the subsidy after the slope, many car prices are forced by the cost pressures have prices, SAIC first time to the consumer commitment to all models do not raise prices, still continue last year, the price of sales, by their own subsidies due to subsidies after the formation of the difference , Welcomed by the market and praise. In Shenzhen, Roewe eRX5 honor flagship version of the price of 229,900, eRX5 distinguished flagship version of the price of 2099,000, Roewe e950 five luxury version of the price of 219,900, Roewe e550 enjoy the price of 15.98 million, both with the end of last year price constant. In addition, the user to buy SAIC new energy vehicles can also enjoy the purchase of tax, not limited to good, in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities can enjoy free "green card."

SAIC Roewe new energy without fear of slope pressure commitment this year, "no price"

SAIC Roewe ei6

SAIC Roewe new energy without fear of slope pressure commitment this year, "no price"

SAIC Roewe e950

SAIC Roewe new energy without fear of slope pressure commitment this year, "no price"

Roewe eRX5, the maximum driving range of 650km, the maximum torque of 704N · m, fuel consumption as low as 1.6L / 100 km. In addition, equipped with SAIC Ali jointly developed intelligent interconnection system, with a leading industry experience in large automotive data, including to provide users with intelligent destination prediction, automatic route optimization, congestion congestion in front, 3D panoramic road conditions, parking lot information, gas stations And real-time oil prices, charging piles and real-time electricity and other services, and free access and real-time update map, as well as to provide filter reminder, 4S shop and car to enjoy the service. Following the Roewe eRX5, the first plug-in hybrid Internet car Roewe ei6 will soon be listed for the user to bring high-value new energy travel options.

In January after the hot welcome ushered in the door, the Roewe eRX5 and the upcoming listing of Roewe ei6, will also be in 2017 to bring consumers more choice of new energy vehicles. In the case of state subsidies to land slope adhere to the "no price", SAIC new energy market performance in 2017 is quite exciting.