Heavy truck + passenger car market power in an all-round way Walter breakthrough new energy automobile application bottlenecks

- Oct 20, 2017-

Currently, the popularization and application of new energy vehicles were all over the world on important development agenda, new energy vehicles development spring. However, even if the new energy vehicles have acquired development advantages, because of its existing system technology is not mature, still imperfect parts performance deficiency, and the limited in the application of the face industry bottlenecks. As leading new energy automobile power system, walter adhere to product innovation, the comprehensive power heavy card, passenger car market, successful breakthrough new energy automobile application bottlenecks. 19 large, walter to success for the tribute.


Pure electric heavy card pry industry "big blue ocean"

As is known to all, pure electric heavy card although a vast market, but it is facing an on-board energy shortage and the limitations of high cost of use. On the one hand, subject to heavy truck body, not suitable for assembling battery too much, hard to improve transport mileage; Heavy card, on the other hand, power is larger, which requires a larger battery, realizing electric vehicle itself is a burden, can lead to high cost of pure electric heavy card. Experts think, accordingly once pure electric is not suitable for all models.


, 2016 volt power battery of 6 x4 pure electric heavy trucks in jiangxi at test success, breaking the "pure electric is not suitable for all models" of the traditional ideas, successful break through the current domestic pure electric heavy card market barriers, pry open blue ocean market of our country's heavy transport.

With walter the 6 x4 of the power battery of electric heavy trucks on the road transportation

Carrying the heavy card was walter fast rechargeable batteries, charged 300 degrees, with 120 kw dc charging, charging four mouth filling the electricity can achieve 10-15 minutes more than 40%, full load cases can run 120 kilometers, is suitable for the port, wharf and inter-city high-speed transport. In addition to the cooperation with the universiade, walter also with leading domestic heavy truck depot, faw, valin star horse cooperation building meet the different needs of markets, such as pure electric heavy trucks.