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- Jun 13, 2017-

Auto battery facts: which type of auto battery is best for you?

With the vast array of auto batteries on the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. A basic consideration is the physical size of the car battery, and your vehicle manufacturer’s requirements. Cost is another consideration. Maintenance-required car batteries are inexpensive, but usually don't last as long as maintenance-free batteries. A vehicle that sees off-road duty or severe service requires a stronger casing to prevent lead plate failure. Ask your Advance Auto Parts Team Member at the store nearest you to help you find the best car battery right off the shelf.

Why you should choose the best car battery for your vehicle:

Car batteries are electrical storage units that convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The battery in your car is known as a lead-acid battery. The acid, or electrolyte, reacts with the lead plates inside the battery and this produces electricity. Overtaxing an automotive battery may cause the electrolyte reaction to fail prematurely. Choosing the best car battery replacement can help prevent battery failure.

Ask your Advance Auto Parts Team Member to find the correct car battery replacement for your vehicle.

How to select the correct auto battery: do it right!

Automotive battery electrolyte is made of sulfuric acid and water. Use caution when handling car batteries.

  1.  Cranking amps (CA) is the measure of your battery's starting power. Be certain to choose an automotive battery that matches the requirements of your vehicle. Consult your vehicle’s owner or repair manual.

  2.  Cold cranking amps (CCA) is the measure of CA at 32º F or 0º C. If you live in a colder climate, this is an important consideration.

  3.  Maintenance-required car batteries are less expensive initially but require monitoring of the electrolyte level. Topping off of electrolyte may be required.

  4.  Maintenance-free auto batteries are more expensive but have the added advantage of worry-free operation. Once ins700256637_922.jpgtalled, the battery requires no electrolyte monitoring.

  5.  Note the location and type of your auto battery terminals. Some are on the side of the battery while others are on top. Keep them clean and corrosion free for best performance.

Removing and installing auto batteries is easy if you know how. Take a look at the install battery article for tips and instructions on working with a car battery replacement.

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