In the field of power batteries

- Feb 27, 2017-

Chill chill, frozen to kill young. This week, a strong cold air from north to south sweeping the country, many northern regions ushered in the first year after the snow, even in the southern country of Shenzhen also feel chilly light cold.


In the field of power batteries, the end of the policy adjustment after the new subsidy standards, coupled with the beginning of the year since the intensified raw material prices, the same business to feel "chill".

From the media reported in January power battery shipments, most of the domestic enterprises have seen a significant decline in shipments, and some even in a stagnant state.


"Young power battery industry in the first half is likely to face the chill." This week held in 2017 high-power lithium tea party, high engineering research director Dr. Zhang Xiaofei to the scene over 40 industrial chain enterprises to remind, In the policy of strict regulation, subsidies to reduce the slope significantly, reduce the cost of transmission, product technology upgrades, raw material prices and other risks under the power battery companies will face unprecedented challenges.


How to deal with the possible face of the late spring, Zhang Xiaofei given the five coping strategies:


One is near the wealthy. In the customer choice, the net open market is clearly unable to adapt to the characteristics of the power battery industry, which not only means that high cost of investment, but also means a huge market risk, 2017 should pay attention to key customers, while deepening with large customers Cooperation depth and breadth, car enterprises and power battery business strategic cooperation will become the future industry trends.


Second, grasping technology. To be on the wealthy, we must based on technology and products, technology investment and upgrading both to enhance product quality, but also can achieve a reduction in 2017, power battery technology investment is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the new material Industrial applications, the second is the automation of intelligent equipment investment, Zhang Xiaofei stressed that technology-driven power companies are the only way to storm the market.


Third, the provincial cost. In addition to the technical reduction, enterprises should be more conscious of the supply chain through the optimization and collaboration to achieve the goal of lowering the target, due to subsidies for land reclamation, coupled with rising raw material prices, can establish the depth of the supply chain optimization collaboration will Become the next enterprise to participate in the core of competition variables.


Four is to expand the scale. The expansion of the scale should be based on technical products, capital, customer market and other dimensions, blind expansion will bring a fatal risk to the enterprise, in 2017, expanding the scale of choice for most companies, in the process, the market polarization The trend will be further highlighted, the expansion of the giants will be greater than the second tier echelon enterprises, at the same time, it is foreseeable that a large number of lack of technology and market accumulation of enterprises will be shuffled in the blind expansion.


Five is to play the brand. Zhang Xiaofei stressed that for enterprises, both can not let the brand drag the legs, at the same time, but also to prevent the brand in the operation of the radical strategy, the brand's shape to be based on the strategic development of enterprises and their own position in the industry. In addition, the brand to create a conscious capital and customer resources will be used to establish a mutual linkage between the effect.


Look at this week's lithium industry event ~



In the past two months nearly 8 billion investment in the field of power batteries

Although the new energy vehicles and power battery industry in 2017, "start" is not ideal, but the industry for this year's industry trend is not pessimistic, generally predictive will show a steady growth, which led to the amount of investment.


Has become the industry consensus is experienced "cheat" storm of the new energy automotive industry, in an increasingly systematic national policy regulation, will gradually from the original extensive growth to return to rational growth. The current new energy vehicles have risen to the level of national strategy, the state encourages the development trend of new energy will not change, is expected in 2017 new energy vehicle sales of about 75-80 million. This will inevitably drive a strong demand for power battery market.


In this context, there is a lot of power this year, the battery companies are stepping up to expand production capacity. At the same time, based on the prospects for the power battery market optimistic about the capital market investment heat diminished, still generous set of additional funds for the project construction, mergers and acquisitions power battery business.


Poke this view "2017 January-February nearly 8 billion investment in the field of power battery to see which companies are so pride? "



Raw material prices across the board raised the risk of digital battery business surge

Since the beginning of a year from the upstream raw material prices rose tide, to the digital battery business came a surprise.


Compared to the beginning of 2016 the price of lithium carbonate tide, this round of price hike this day is clearly broader, in addition to the core material, many auxiliary materials are also the price list, and even cartons and other packaging materials. In this regard, the vast majority of enterprises are not fully prepared to deal with.


"Raw material prices rose, the most injured is our middle reaches of enterprises, the upper reaches of our prices can be, but we can not give the next short-term prices, but also up in the middle of the basic are small and medium private enterprises, if again Go up, this year will be down a lot.


Poke this view "raw material prices across the board raised the digital battery business pressure surge"


In the short term, the pressure of rising raw material prices is basically to rely on the internal control of the battery to ease, which includes the improvement of product manufacturing processes, product mix adjustment, improve the level of automation, product yield and straightforward rate of improvement, artificial Efficiency and so on.


Among them, the larger battery companies significantly more advantages, on the one hand can be achieved through large-scale manufacturing to minimize the cost. At the same time, because of its level of automation, product yield and other advantages, so the compressive capacity is also significantly stronger.


In addition, because the basic procurement of raw materials have been cash cash, for the enterprise's financial strength, supply chain bargaining power requirements are higher, which means that the greater the ability of enterprises to significantly stronger risk, and smaller, weak capital chain of small and medium enterprises Will face a lot of risk.



High cobalt prices led ternary material prices rose sharply

Recently around the battery business on the "magic spell" more and more. In addition to cobalt oxide, copper and other raw materials, the ternary material will rise every week, so that many battery companies say hello.


At present, the domestic ternary material quotations are still climbing. 523 material offer generally in the 175,000 yuan / ton, power type offer in the 180,000 yuan / ton, more than last week rose 5,000 yuan / ton; 622 material than 523 material to 10000-20000 / ton.


Highly lithium power grid from a number of mainstream ternary materials enterprises were informed that the ternary material prices "skyrocketing" is the raw material prices rose and subsidies under the dual impact of the New Deal results. Among them, the sharp rise in cobalt prices is the most direct reason for this round of material prices. Materials companies that cobalt materials accounted for more and more high cost, the initial forecast price surge at least within the past two months will not be alleviated. Some people even think that this round of cobalt material prices will continue until June.


Poke this view "high cobalt prices led ternary material prices rose sharply before the battery enterprises can buy? "


An unnamed ternary material business insiders said that in March, ternary materials will be in the state of out of stock. At present, most of the order in the implementation of years ago, ternary material prices are timely adjustment with the cobalt price, change speed and range quickly. Whether the battery business can spend the March period, mainly depends on its good reputation and strong capital.



Shared bicycle open lithium battery application new blue ocean

2016 will be defined as sharing the "first year" is not an omen, in the Internet aura and the bombing of capital, the war has been a second-tier cities throughout the three or four lines to spread the city.


According to public statistics, as of now, sharing the bicycle market brand of not less than 20, the total financing has more than 4 billion yuan.


The influx of large amounts of capital makes the shared bicycle market expand dramatically. It is reported that this year the domestic share of bicycle delivery or will reach 50 million. Huge potential market for the application of lithium batteries opened up a new world.


High power lithium battery learned that the current domestic share of lithium battery sharing the vast majority of the market share by the Shenzhen City and three and Chaoyang Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Yi Ling Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. occupied. And the two companies mainly from the 3C digital lithium battery transformation and upgrading from the field.


Three and Chaoyang General Manager Cheng Kewen seems to share the current bicycle active capital, the prospects are very broad, will also drive a substantial increase in shared lithium battery. In accordance with the 2017 brand manufacturers put the amount of this year is expected to share the cycle of lithium battery market will reach 1 billion yuan.

Poke this view "shared bicycle fission expansion to open super 1 billion lithium battery application new blue sea"



Weekly Industry News

The company is engaged in the strategic cooperation agreement with Nanning Mingnuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd. for 50 million power battery.


Day Qi Li industry in 2016 to achieve total revenue of 3.9 billion yuan, an increase of 109%; net profit of 1.57 billion yuan, an increase of 532%.


Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Information Industry Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute of Science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Fu Weisi Oil and Gas Technology Co., Ltd. on 200MW storage power station project signed a cooperation agreement, the three parties in the energy storage power station, micro-grid system project technology Development and application areas.


Gree Electric Co., Ltd. announced that the company intends to sign a "cooperation agreement" with Zhuhai Yinlong, the two sides and their subsidiaries, the use of their respective industrial advantages, in the intelligent equipment, mold, casting, automotive air conditioning, electrical control, new energy vehicles, And other areas of cooperation. The two sides of each other's priority procurement and the total amount of not more than 20 billion yuan.


Oriental Seiko said it is expected within the next five years for the Pride to increase the 3-5 qualified batteries supplier, plans to introduce Tianjin God, China Aviation Lithium supply is about to mass production of economic vehicle power battery system. In the industrial policy under the premise of opening up, intended to AESC, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI procurement of core materials.


Tesla released the fourth quarter of 2016 earnings, the fourth quarter Tesla revenue of 2.285 billion US dollars, up 88%; net profit loss of 121 million US dollars, an increase of 62%.


Micro-macro power will be 350 million capital increase shares

This week, a message about micro-macro power attracted the attention of the industry. (002441) announced that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of the public industry of new energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., wholly-owned Sun Haining Zhongye of New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. and Yinchuan Jinzhi Hui equity investment partnership (limited partnership) Joint venture 350.5 million yuan to set up a joint venture.


After the establishment of the joint venture company, will increase the shares of micro-macro power, capital increase of 350 million yuan, the proportion of shares will be micro-macro power to complete the capital increase to complete the industrial and commercial registration shall prevail. The joint venture is designed for this investment micro-macro power and set up, and in the future will not do other investment.


The purpose of this investment is: on the one hand, micro-macro power leading power lithium battery technology and the company's mature new energy charging operation system combined to help give full play to the advantages of both sides to further expand the company's new energy vehicles Charging business; the other hand, the increase in shares of micro-macro power, the future companies can share the micro-macro follow-up development of positive results.


Industry analysts believe that the current power battery industry is transition from the import period to the high-speed growth period, power battery companies generally accelerate the expansion of the musty, in this critical period to obtain financial and resource support for the rapid development of the enterprise significant.


For the product has a "fast charge, high security, long cycle life" and other significant advantages of micro-macro power, this stage received 350 million yuan capital increase, both for enterprises to accelerate the development of strong financial support, combined with Zhongxingda new energy car charging business advantage, help to further expand the scope of power battery business.


Poke this view "micro-macro power will be 350 million capital increase from the bottom" fast knight "of the rivers and lakes Cheats"



Membrane technology summit to find out the breakthrough path

Since 2015, China-made aluminum-plastic film into the development of fast lane, including the Zijiang materials, Buddha plastic technology, Daoming Optoelectronics, the new Lun Technology, Dongguan Zhuo high a large number of domestic enterprises have entered the aluminum film industry, and technology and market Open up the soil.


Over the past 2016, domestic aluminum plastic film market share has exceeded 5%, the growth rate of more than 50% or more, with the power battery cost pressures, domestic enterprises to enhance the technological level, aluminum plastic film import substitution will become the next few years Of the market trend.


In this domestic membrane material technology and market breakthrough key node, high power lithium joint domestic aluminum plastic film leader Dao Ming photoelectric will be held on March 31 in Mission Hills, Dongguan, "2017 high-performance lithium film technology application summit."


The theme of the forum is: Pathfinder industry breakthrough in domestic lithium film "broken" and "legislation", will invite domestic and foreign experts in the field of lithium film and technology, leading power battery business executives and other guests over 100, from the technical upgrade, Market breakout, industrial layout and other aspects of domestic diaphragm, aluminum film, packaging film and other new opportunities and new challenges.


Poke this view "domestic aluminum plastic film" tiger mouth extraction "membrane technology summit to find out the breakthrough path"


(GGII) analysis pointed out that the domestic aluminum plastic film market breakthrough will rely mainly on the following points, one is the domestic aluminum plastic film technology continues to mature, soft package battery market, the rapid development of the second is the domestic Digital and power battery companies to reduce the cost of increasing pressure, the third is in the UAV, new energy vehicles, energy storage and other applications driven by the market.