in the international prestigious financial magazine

- Feb 25, 2017-

Recently, in the international prestigious financial magazine "Asian currency" organized by the "2016 China's best trading and investment banking" in the selection, China's power to obtain China's "2016 China's best refinancing project (Best Follow on / ABB-onshore)" prize.

In fact, China's power to win this award is no suspense, which is not only based on China's power by virtue of the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy China Shipbuilding Industry Group and its subsidiary assets and raise 13.82 billion yuan of matching projects on the list, but also through Reorganization, China's power to achieve a new expansion and transformation.

It is understood that in May last year, sailing shares officially changed its name to China's power.

China Power: Named "Best Refinancing Project" by Asian Currency Magazine

To create the world's leading full power platform

Before the reorganization, the sailing shares are already the leading enterprises in the traditional battery industry. The main business is to start the lead-acid battery business for the military and civilian vehicles. The business scope includes battery development, development, production, sales and import and export.

Through this transaction, the company achieved a major transformation and leap, to become the world's only full power platform. The company has become the largest and most complete dynamic technology business leading enterprise by injecting a large-scale and competitive power-related assets into the industry. Its business scope covers gas power, steam power, chemical power, all-electric power, civil nuclear Power, diesel engine power, hot air power and other seven power areas.

At the same time, through the reorganization, China's power business from the battery, to the new energy equipment, and then to the power platform, forming a manufacturing from the parts to the complete energy industry chain.

Such a large-scale integration behind the heavy industry in the ship is strong technical strength. China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries has a strong R & D strength, at the same time have a more complete professional team, as well as the leading domestic power system research and development, production and testing equipment and facilities, with strong product design and manufacturing capabilities. China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry's professional and technical advantages in the ship's power industry to maintain a high competitive edge.

This shows that the transaction so that listed companies to achieve a comprehensive transformation and upgrading, the core competitiveness to a new height, profitability and development space to further open.