Industrial chain layout advantage highlights Jiang special motor 2016 net profit growth over 4 times

- Mar 01, 2017-

February 27, Jiang Te Motor issued 2016 annual results Express said that in 2016 the company's total operating income of 2.985 billion yuan, up 234.29% over the previous year; attributable to listed companies net profit of 197 million yuan, an increase of 400.91%.

According to the announcement, the Company's operating income and profit increased significantly during the reporting period, mainly due to the increase in profit of the Company and the acquisition of the consolidated report of Kowloon Motor and MiG.

It is worth mentioning that, Jiang special motor sales in 2015 total revenue of 892 million yuan, an increase of 12.55%. Net profit attributable to listed companies was $ 39 million, an increase of 1.67%.

In recent years, Jiang special motor has been committed to the layout of the new energy automotive industry chain, which has become Jiangte motor operating income and net profit double the main source of growth. This is from the Jiangtai Motor announced in 2014, 2015 annual report can also be seen in 2014, 2015, Jiangte motor traditional business operating income there have been varying degrees of decline, but the new energy automotive business has doubled increase.

At present, Jiangte motor's main business has three major plates: First, the electromechanical industry, including the traditional motor and new energy vehicle motor; Second, electric vehicles; Third, lithium industry, including lithium carbonate and lithium battery cathode material. Of which the proportion of new energy vehicles related business showed a substantial increase in the trend.

In fact, the giant electric car network has learned that Jiang special motor has invested over 5 billion yuan to speed up the layout of the new energy automotive industry chain. Including the investment of 3.5 billion yuan to expand the Kowloon Automobile MPV and the new SUV project, invest 1.01 billion yuan to build an annual output of 10,000 tons of lithium carbonate project and investment 540 million yuan for the expansion of new energy vehicle motor project.

November 2016, Jiang special motor also increased by 1.84 billion for the three major projects, of which 840 million yuan for lithium mica with an annual output of 10,000 tons of lithium carbonate and re-production of rubidium cesium comprehensive utilization projects, 500 million for the new With an annual output of 200,000 new energy vehicle motor project, 500 million yuan for the Kowloon Automotive intelligent manufacturing technology projects.

In addition, Jiangte Motor also set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany and other places, and through the acquisition of overseas advanced technology to accelerate the company in the new energy automotive industry as a whole. At present, Jiang special motor has been in the hub motor, car lightweight, intelligent car and other emerging technologies to start an important layout.