Japan 's small and medium - sized enterprises in China pure electric car market

- Aug 01, 2017-

Targeting small electric vehicles (EV) in China's popularity, Japan's small and medium enterprises are accelerating the expansion of China's business. In the emission regulations and burning standards increasingly stringent in China, to local enterprises as the center, the car prices have introduced pure electric vehicles. Pure electric vehicles exist life and other technical issues are still more, want to solve these problems strong demand. Japan's small and medium-sized enterprises with high-tech strength will challenge the development of the Chinese market.

Japan 's small and medium - sized enterprises in China pure electric car market

Japan's original production company from China's auto-related enterprises received a design of pure electric vehicle gearbox and other orders for the development of racing parts of the Osaka, Japan, the original production of the factory in 2017 received 10 cars related to the design and trial production of pure Electric vehicle with the transmission of the commission. Fenghua production company engaged in the manufacture of high precision requirements of the car parts, its design and processing capacity by the Chinese companies concerned.

Pure electric vehicle gearbox by the Chinese enterprises concerned about the opportunity is the company to participate in the pure electric car race. The gearbox is a component that regulates the power of the engine and efficiently transmits it to the wheels. It is not a necessity for a pure electric vehicle driven by a motor, but "can reduce the size of the motor and battery, and improve the fuel efficiency by more than 10%" (the president). It is also effective for small cars and commercial vehicles where there are life problems.

Trial production of a gearbox sales of only a few million yen or so. The president of the company intends to "apply for a patent for the relevant technology to carry out authorized sales", plans to develop a new source of income. The company is also developing a new variable speed mechanism for pure electric vehicles.

Sha Tin, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, Tajima Light Metal, which is engaged in aluminum casting business, will set up a joint venture with local Chinese enterprises in 2017. Plans to build factories in Liaoning Province in October 2019. The company is good at melting metal into the sand mold manufacturing parts of the "sand casting" technology, intends to undertake pure electric vehicle parts trial manufacturing orders.

The installation of pure electric vehicle batteries and motor housing needs to meet the shape of the vehicle design, sealing and heat dissipation, each car to produce more than 200 trial products. Battery packaging enterprises and other requirements to achieve a variety of small quantities of production and precision machining of aluminum casting a high voice. However, it is said that in China to provide precision "mold" of the local enterprises rarely.

Japan 's small and medium - sized enterprises in China pure electric car market

Japan's small and medium-sized enterprises stationed in the Chinese market have emerged to expand the business case. Tanaka precious metal industry is facing the supply of electricity to the automotive parts switchgear precious metals. From the end of 2016 from Zhejiang Province, the factory supply parts, from 2018 onwards will double the output.

The switch of the electronic component called the vehicle relay needs to have a durability that can be used for a long time in a vehicle having a harsh environment such as temperature change and vibration. Pure electric vehicle electrical components will also increase, it will expand for the local parts and components such as supply.


Japanese enterprises have technical advantages

2016 China pure electric vehicle sales reached 240,000, the scale of the global market half of the country. The Chinese government as a part of environmental protection policy on the implementation of preferential policies for environmental protection vehicles, to provide support for the expansion of sales. In addition, 2018 will also be forced to require a certain number of car sales of pure electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly vehicles. Battery and motor and other related parts of the demand is also a substantial increase.

In addition, China will also strengthen the fuel costs of passenger cars, is expected to be adopted by 2020 and developed countries with the same degree of strict standards. By the government a series of actions, pure electric car sales will continue to grow in the future. According to Tokyo's research firm Fuji economic forecast, by 2025 pure electric vehicles in China's sales will reach 868,000, to more than three times in 2016.

The local manufacturers responsible for supplying parts to the vehicle are on the rise, but they also face many technical and quality problems. To 10 years as a unit to use the car-related parts in the performance requirements are very strict, involved in the higher threshold.

On the other hand, for the Japanese parts manufacturers, many companies are gradually involved in China's pure electric car market, so not subject to the existing trading relationship fetters, can be free to open up. This is also one of the attraction.