Kelu electronic acquisition of new energy intended to three yuan soft package batteryit?

- Aug 03, 2017-

Recently, a "Ke Lu Electronics billion acquisition of heavyweight three yuan battery business card new energy," the success of the news attracted people's attention. The article said that Kelu Electronics to pay new energy to pay $ 1 billion investment to subscribe for its new registered capital of 3.1682 billion yuan, after the completion of capital increase, the company will hold 50.99% stake in new energy, and Become a controlling shareholder.

People are interested in this news, because the card is new energy is the first to three yuan soft package battery-based products company, from its inception has been attracting attention. Most importantly, the card has been a new state of loss of energy, 2016 net profit of -3587 million, 2017 January-March net profit of -839 million yuan. Ke Lu Electronics to buy such a money-losing business map what?

July 30, Ke Lu Electronics released a recent record and the interaction between investors, investors are interested in the issue to respond.

Shanghai card executive president Wang Taibin first introduced the company's basic situation. Carnage was established in 2010 by the China Automotive Technology Research Center and the Japanese Ying-resistant Co., Ltd. initiated the establishment. One of China Automotive Technology Research Center was established in 1985, under the State Council SASAC's central enterprises, is the vehicle, vehicle parts standard makers. The main products to three yuan flexible packaging lithium-based battery. 2, the first product will be exported to Japan, and for the Japanese bus; 3, the only one participating in the country, the first one of the three yuan, Power battery all the new national standard drafting of the enterprise; 4, the first batch of the Ministry of Industry and the directory of the manufacturers (a total of 10).

About card products. Resistant B batteries on behalf of the soft package of integrated indicators of the first-class level in the industry reputation is very good, the current A-type batteries have been mass production, the future C-type batteries, VDA module batteries, the new system batteries are in development in. Carrier is one of the national standards of the battery, the company experts to participate in the development of battery standards, and a considerable part of the national standard are directly used card standard. Card in the following three indicators in the leading domestic: 1, card-resistant 36AH cell core energy density of 220wh / kg, has passed the new national standard test, in the domestic leading level; 2, Q3 battery safety factor high , Do the acupuncture test, the company's three yuan battery products do not smoke does not smoke (even smoke do not take), only show a slight increase in temperature phenomenon; 3, the company's three yuan battery according to the new national standard can withstand 1.5 times Terminate the voltage overcharge test.

About card technology. The technology is from Enax, now has its own intellectual property rights, such as battery technology, module integration technology, thermal management technology and other technologies. The next five years, the technical development of the core line: the current energy density of 220Wh / kg, next year to 250Wh / kg, 2019 to 300Wh / kg, 2020 to 320Wh / kg.

In the Q & A session with the investors, the card details of the production capacity, technology, planning and other aspects of the details.

Q: What is the advantage of the card to do batteries?

A: First of all, the company pack products can be achieved with the company's batteries seamless docking. Company batteries product safety, high reliability, through the battery made of standardized modules, one-time investment, long-term benefits. But the current Pack is not yet standard parts, a pack match a customer model. The company is currently building production base is to match the customer, such as Nanchang has Jiangling new energy, Liuzhou SAIC GM Wuling.

Second, the current industry in the reshuffle, the state has a standard, specifically:

1, the need for experimental testing, test the price is expensive, verify the cycle is long, part of the enterprise was eliminated. The company's battery product safety performance is excellent, the company's soft package system heat is very small, and cylindrical and square batteries compared to the same circumstances better heat dissipation, after rigorous testing will not fire.

2, the core energy density requirements, the company can bulk supply of the core energy density of 220wh / kg, in the country are second to none, next year, energy density can be improved. 3, the core business is a heavy asset, the need for relatively large investment. Traditional cars in the northeast is relatively large, new energy vehicles in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, the company's geographical location has advantages, from a specific location to establish pack factory, tailor-made products for customers.

Q: What are the core technologies?

A: The core, module or pack core is safe, the company has the technology in security and beyond the competitors. Strengthen their own team building, a technology center, two research institutes. With the following core technology: 1, the module consistency to meet the requirements, the company has a dedicated team to do the module, inside the temperature difference, pressure, heat, stability, reliability and other details to do well, and plans to achieve echelon ; 2, to pack must have BMS technology, the company currently has dozens of people in a team doing BMS, the company's BMS and batteries match, docking, not take away; 3, the company has liquid cooling technology, although the company's Soft package system heat is very small, no need to add liquid cooling system, but for the future large magnification, long flight to prepare; 4, lightweight, PACK iron shell may be aluminum or non-metallic materials SMC; 5, heat Instability control technology, the batteries, modules and systems in the thermal instability and thermal instability diffusion control; 6, cycle life control technology, allowing the battery system to meet 8 years 120,000 km, or even longer cycle Life requirements; 7, SOC and SOH technology, the normal use of the battery system and the use of echelon assessment play a key role.

Q: How many models are needed in the lower reaches of the package? What is the penetration rate?

A: theoretically can be used, bus and logistics vehicles can also use the soft package can also be used square, because the space is large enough. But for the limited space of passenger cars, as long as there is good security and heat, soft bag is an advantage. But 18650 fever is serious, the current domestic soft package is not much, the trend of soft bag light, the international market in terms of soft package to more than hard shell battery, the future penetration will increase.

Q: Why is there a shortage of technology?

A: and the shareholders of the background, the original major shareholders of the technical requirements are very strict, the company's first product for two years. Strict quality requirements.

Q: Wuling and Jiangling the two customers can explain the details of the situation?

A: SAIC-GM Wuling July 18 official sales, before the trial operation of vehicles 2000, to provide the main battery pack, the product in the trial operation of the performance of good, fully affirmed by the customer. 2017, SAIC-GM-Wuling card share of more than half of the share. Cargo for the JMC new energy E200S to provide the battery, the current card tolerance is accounted for 100%.

Q: How does the company cooperate with the company?

A: Wei Lai to the car before the election is not card, but the company's new products are very interested in the technical cooperation is closely.

Q: The company set up a base in Nanjing is based on what to consider?

A: Nanjing is a gathering of talent, originally preferred Shanghai, but can not build battery factory, research institute and Nanjing base together, taking into account the research and production of talent.

Q: What is the current price of soft package batteries, compared with the square, the cylinder cost and how the price?

A: Soft battery system price is currently a bit expensive, than the square and cylindrical battery cost is high, next year the price of this year's square battery system price level.

Q: What are the plans for the company's capacity?1500887794220091274.png

A: The current capacity of 0.3Gwh, 2018 end of the total capacity can be achieved 10Gwh / year, the assembly of 40 million passenger cars. Each base situation: Shanghai base capacity 0.25Gwh, Nanchang base planning capacity 0.5Gwh, its higher level of automation, the current capacity climbing, Guangxi base capacity planning 1Gwh, 2017 end of production, Jiangsu Nanjing core base, planning production 4Gwh (a Period), two planning 6Gwh.

Q: Does the company have any improvement in energy density?

A: card has been doing three yuan battery, the accumulation of technology. The company is currently the main system of 111 and 532 system, the company 622 system technology is also more mature. 622 system battery card can be done in 2018 250WH / KG, to reach the level of LG soft package batteries.

Q: Softbank investment is greater than the 18650?

A: The current key equipment is the purchase of imports, especially the former process equipment. Other procurement is made by the domestic companies to integrate, soft package production line and 18650 line and square investment amount is almost.

Q: What is the current domestic enterprises to do soft package?

A: From the international point of view, the soft bag in the EV occupies a high rate, especially LG, SK and Nissan do a lot, it can be said that the international mainstream depot with a soft bag route, soft package of technical difficulties, resulting in domestic The less.

Q: How does the product be approved by the customer?

A: First enter the market focus: the quality to do up, the cost to do down. When the volume of the core is small and the cost is high, the cost will be reduced after the company's volume. Pack: The technology is raised and raised to improve the production capacity through the automation equipment. Second, the company's shareholders in the steam center background, making the card team with the automotive industry gene, can be more convenient and vehicle companies face to face communication and exchange.

Q: What are the plans for the company to develop?

A: The company's current orders to the end of the third quarter, the future will focus on the company will focus on logistics vehicles. SAIC-GM Wuling 14.9 kWh, JMC new energy is 17.3 kWh, a large number of logistics vehicles, 83/69 kWh. Dongfeng special steam to the logistics car is 83 electricity. Customer development goals: passenger car target is 5 years 5, each year not less than 50,000 units, SAIC-GM-Wuling, JMC new energy, Bo County, the land ark and so have the amount of 5-10 million units. Another Shaanxi car, the Great Wall Arima, Han Teng car, all Thai companies are customers, in addition to Chery and Beiqi is the reserve customers.