Large-scale commercial energy storage ready to come?

- Jan 13, 2017-

In the new electricity reform, energy, Internet, renewable energy, electric vehicles and other comprehensive stimulus, 2016 energy storage ushered in important development opportunities. This year, the industry is known as the first year of storage, energy storage continues to receive national attention, policy planning and guidance efforts continue to strengthen. However, the latent energy storage market for a long time, this time really "wind" it?

"Technology is not mature, but I still want to invest." Recently, in the China Manufacturing Summit, the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group Wang Jianlin and a "small target" sentence: "five million ah, not." Billion Wanda business empire head so optimistic about, in the end what industry? The answer is: energy storage.

As a forward-looking technology to promote the development of the new energy industry in the future, the energy storage industry will play an important role in new energy grid-connected, electric vehicle, smart grid, microgrid, distributed energy system, home energy storage system, powerless area power supply project and future energy security. Will play a huge role.

The energy storage industry is more and more attention to a more "urgent" reasons, and the new energy industry.

According to the authoritative media reports, only in 2015, China as the world's total installed capacity of wind power the largest country, accounting for global market share of 1/3; PV cumulative installed capacity for the first time over Germany, the world's total installed capacity of photovoltaic the largest cumulative country. However, the industry said that the scale of the expansion of new energy power generation has not been efficient use, there is a large number of abandoned air, abandoned light phenomenon. Among them, by a variety of economic factors, in 2015 the country once again soared to 15% rate of abandonment, high places more than 30%. Abandon the wind, abandoned light because of the new energy power generation with volatility, and network difficulties, and through energy storage equipment to wind and photovoltaic power generation storage, you can make a smooth grid possible.

Based on the above background, the industry generally believe that energy storage market in recent years, supported by the policy, the industrial development trend is better. Domestic and foreign policies to support the development of energy storage industry frequently introduced, national demonstration energy storage project is expected to drive industrial development. The past five years, the global energy storage industry compound annual growth rate of 193%, the next 10 years, China's energy storage market capacity will reach 100 billion US dollars.

From the reform direction, at present, energy storage has been included in China's "Thirteen Five" plan 100 major projects, is the first formal entry into the national development plan. At the same time, energy storage industry, "thirteen" plan and other relevant policies have begun to prepare, follow-up is expected to have been introduced. At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board recently jointly issued the "Energy Technology Revolution Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030)" and "Energy Technology Revolution Key Action Line Road Map", called for the efficient use of solar thermal technology , Distributed energy system large-capacity heat storage (cold) technology.

"Renewable energy development," thirteen "plan" and other documents clear, promote energy storage technology demonstration application is one of the main tasks, and is committed to solving the "wind power limit" problem, to ensure that non-fossil energy accounted for by 2020 The proportion of energy consumption reached 15% target. The development of energy storage is an important way to ensure the sustainable growth of new energy installations and the stable and benign development of new energy manufacturing industry from the serious and short-term difficult situation of "Wo-Dian" problem in western China. Energy storage will be used in areas such as near renewable energy consumption.

In addition, "electric vehicle charging infrastructure development guide (2015-2020)" and other documents show that new energy vehicles is an important industry in the future development. This will be widely used in car interconnection and electric vehicle charging station in the field of energy storage industry to bring a broad space for development.

With the advancement of the energy revolution, some local governments will also focus on energy storage as one of the development of industry. As the Dalian Municipal Government issued in May 2016 "on the promotion of energy storage industry, the implementation of the views of the proposed" to accelerate the energy storage technology and equipment to promote the industrialization and application of the Qinghai Provincial Governor Hao Peng held earlier in the "lithium industry - New Ecological "International Forum, said, and strive to Qinghai in 2020 to fight the influential in the country's 100 billion yuan lithium industrial base.

These are the energy storage big development becomes "the new blue ocean" the beneficial signal, also is the dawn inflection point arrival before the sign. After industrialization is to market, energy storage market is waiting for "wind" blowing. The question is: how long? In the future, for the new energy market, energy storage will become enduring "burst models", or a hidden danger of poor sales? This requires market testing.

Today, "the lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries, lead-acid batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, metal air batteries and other battery energy storage as the representative of the energy storage market is becoming a hot spot, this series of energy storage technology is also defined For the more mature, more mainstream energy storage technology. "In 2016 China Energy Storage Technology and Application Conference, the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Research Director, said the Secretary-General Zhang Jing. The energy storage industry, a major breakthrough, to shoulder the "500 million" expectations? Let us wait and see.