Lion science and technology to bid on 51.01% stake in the burning fuel cells involved in fuel?

- Jan 13, 2017-

January 11, Lion announced the evening of science and technology announcement, the company intends to not exceed the listed reserve price bid to participate in the bidding Haikou, CLP 21 through the Northern Cross listed on the transfer of their respective holdings of Shanghai fuel cell vehicle power System Co., Ltd. (referred to as "the burning power") 44.63% stake, 6.38% stake, listing the reserve price were 42.612 million yuan, 6.09 million yuan. Pursuant to the terms of the transfer, 44.63% of the equity interest and 6.38% of the equity interest in UPGC are mutually preconditions, and the transferee is required to pay the entrusted loan of RMB 110 million and the corresponding interest on behalf of the Burning Power.

It is understood that the main fuel on the fuel cell and vehicle power system of scientific research and technical services. Lion technology to participate in this bid, intended to improve the company in the new energy industry chain in the power system and control system layout. Prior to this, lion science and technology related person in charge has also said that in 2017 will increase investment in electric vehicle logistics, fuel cell range of electric logistics vehicles and other projects are also in the project. In the electric logistics vehicle, does not rule out the use of lithium batteries other than ternary system other than the mature power battery.

Upon completion of the acquisition, will further enhance the lion science and technology in the field of new energy vehicles R & D and production capacity, and the company's future performance can have a positive impact.

As the bid in the bid to open in the North, the success of the bid there is uncertainty.