Lithium battery development broader

- Nov 02, 2016-

In previous years see China's battery first taken a nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries two batteries, and appeared in a number of reports and calculations, in 2007, when our number of nickel-hydrogen battery production in China has reached 1.1 billion, which are reserve estimates, it was higher than in 2006 when 15% in the meantime. 2009 years of around 300 million more than in 2006, reaching 1.5 billion. Its market share has reached 60%. According to our 2009 guess which it is distance in 2010 will reach 1.9 billion.

Lithium battery power battery project new funding but, current nickel-metal hydride battery has been replaced by lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries became mainstream. Comparative advantage lies in lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery high energy density, techniques to improve the space is very large, and its low self-discharge rate is appropriate, so as to make it now the best choice for battery. Is now a global company launched production of lithium-ion battery has been extensive.

We on lithium-ion batteries in 2009, summarizes the output of about 1.9 billion. Now according to it in the electronic industry, the number will reach 2.9 billion dominated. It just wide only lithium-ion batteries lithium-ion electric bike data, now we all know that the support of States for lithium-ion batteries, and emphasis on environmental protection. Introduction of a lithium-ion battery equipment can not be estimated benefit.