Lithium battery new breakthrough! So that electric vehicle life doubled

- Jan 13, 2017-

South Korean scientists released the latest electric cars, each charge can travel 300 kilometers, life is generally twice the electric car, storage power is 4 times as much as the battery technology is changing, the electric car driving distance is also improving!

(GIST) today announced that Gom materials science and engineering professor Eom Gwang-sup and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) electronics research laboratory postdoctoral researcher Lee (GIST), Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) announced on the 11th, Jung-tae to work together to develop the latest lithium battery, if compared with the products on the market, the new lithium battery storage capacity of 4 times, up to twice the battery life.

The traditional lithium battery is based on graphite, lithium metal oxide (Lithium Metal Oxide) as the cathode and anode, both of these materials because of the low storage capacity to the current technology development, storage capacity is near the limit, so electric Car battery storage capacity, the increase in space is not much.

Therefore, the Korean research team decided to use a new material to produce battery anode and cathode, using silicon and sulfur. Scientists in particular to join the protection of silicon selenium cathode, which has developed a cathode of lithium and silicon, in addition to sulfur, selenium anode.

The latest lithium battery can store about 500 mAh of electricity per gram, compared to the market, the battery can only be stored per gram of 100-150 mAh of electricity. This means that electric cars can run once every charge 300 km, is generally double the distance of electric vehicles.

Not only that, the new lithium battery charge and discharge in the 1,500 back, the battery capacity will shrink 19%. In other words, if the user once a day charge, can be stable for 4 years, no need to replace the battery; if the new lithium battery applied to the smart phone, then the weight of mobile phones can be reduced by half.