Lithium 12V 40ah Battery Pack for Electric Golf Carts

- Oct 23, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: OTC-12-40

  • Usage: Electric Golf Carts/Trolley

  • Discharge Rate: Low Discharge Rate

  • Electrolyte: LiFePO4

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Weight: less than 6.0 kg

  • LCD player: NO

  • Constant discharge rate: 1C

  • Max. discharge rate: 2C

  • Trademark: OPTIMUM

  • Origin: Shenzhen of China

  • Type: Lithium Battery

  • Nominal Voltage: 12V

  • Shape: Can Be Designed

  • Installation: Packaged

  • Size: 197*165*168mm

  • BMS: YES

  • Communications: NO

  • Constant charge rate: 1C

  • Color: black

  • Specification: UL/CE/UN38.8/IEC and etc...

  • HS Code: 8507802000

Product Description

lithium 12v 40ah battery pack for electric golf carts/trolley

Our company researched and developed the battery packs 12v 40ah that has been used in electric golf arts/trolley for abroad market.

Feature of Lifepo4 -safe
?the chemical structure of lifepo4 is very stable
Feature of Lifepo4 long lifespan
Feature of Lifepo4 High energy density
?Energy density: 80-130 Wh/kg
?Weight:1/3 of lead acid,2/3 of Ni-MH
?Volume:2/3 of lead acid
Feature of Lifepo4 Wide Temp range
?Working Temp range:-20°C-+75°C
?Perform good in high Temp:reach 350°C-500°C in peak, about 200°C for LiCoO2 and LiMn2O4
Feature of Lifepo4 Fast charge
?2C fast charge, charge 95% of the capacity in half hour
? 1C standard charge and discharge,above 93% of the capacity during 3.3~3.0V platform
? Steady charge and discharge platform,can reach high current power charge and discharge
? Good at high discharge rate, above 96% charge and discharge efficiency by 10C
Feature of Lifepo4 less self-discharge
self-discharge<5%(month), while the monthly self discharge of sealed lead acid battery is 10%.
Feature of Lifepo4 environment friendly
No heavy metal, no pollution, green and environment friendly, while Lead-acid Battery is with heavy metals such as Lead, Antimony, causing serious pollution of environment. It is easy to leak when using and maintenance and will lead to corrosion of equipment and accident when the internal Sulfuric Acid leaks.

 Specification- 12V 40Ah lithium ion battery

ItemGeneral Parameters
2Standard capacity40Ah
3Rated voltage12.8V
Max. Charge voltage

5Discharge Cut-off voltage10V
6Standard charge current8A
7Max Continuous discharge current40A
8Peak Instant Discharge Current80A (5 seconds)
9Dimension(Customized)197*165*169mm or customized
10Total weight(Approx.)5.5kg
11Operate temperature-20°C~60°C
12Built-in Protection Circuit ModuleYes
13Cycle time2000 times at 1C, 80% capacity remaining
14Built-in PCM functionsOver charged protection
Over discharged protection
Short circuit protection

Structure and safety analysis of cylindrical LiFePO4 battery

1: uniform stress

2: easy to radiate heat and control the temperature

3: over charge and discharge protection

4: explosion-proof design

5: in order to make sure the safety when it hit by outside, the internal cylinder reduce the stress around, with the deformation space and relievable design of cell at the same time

6: mature production technology of cylinder, a high degree of automation, good consistency of battery

7: low energy of cylindrical cell, low level destruction of thermal runaway.

used for telecommunications base station , HEVs, EVs, UPS, solar-wind storage systems, e-bikes,e-scooters,e-wheelchairs, e-golf catrs, medical computer trolley, electric mower, LED lights, backup, power supply, electrical equipment ,and etc.

CE,UL,IEC,BV,SGS/RoHS,RBRC,ISO9001:2000,ISO1400,TS16949:2002 issued by NQA