Low-speed electric car sales this year, or break one million standard 2017 March before the introduction

- Jan 19, 2017-

December 24, held in Beijing in the Twelfth National People's Congress Standing Committee twenty-fifth meeting, the National People's Congress Lang Sheng on low-speed electric vehicle management inquiries, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Public Security, Industry and Commerce have responded , So that the introduction of industrial technology standards and regulatory requirements have become more urgent.

Low-speed electric car sales this year, or break one million standard 2017 March before the introduction

Reporters learned that 27 pm, the National Standards Committee held an emergency four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle standard working group second meeting.

Director of the China Automotive Engineering Society, the National Standardization Electric Vehicle Professional Committee of the Deputy Director Chen told reporters that the whole world, "low-speed electric vehicle management technology standard-setting cycle, compared to the previous 24-month project period has been shortened, is expected ahead of next year's two sessions Introduced. "

According to Chen said the whole world, according to the latest ideas, low-speed electric vehicles on the road need to be qualified, standards, licenses, driver's license, insurance and other five requirements in the security management will be the same as ordinary passenger cars.

This is closely related to the continued surge in the low-speed electric vehicle market. 2016, low-speed electric vehicle sales surge again. Shandong Province Automobile Industry Association executive vice president and secretary-general Wei Xueqin to NBD car, Shandong annual sales this year is expected to reach 600,000.

According to industry estimates, in 2016, the domestic sales of low-speed electric vehicles will be more than one million. On the low-speed electric vehicle industry, the rapid growth in sales, along with the new requirements to determine the future development is also full of uncertainty, industry reshuffle fear to accelerate the arrival.

Standards will be introduced one year in advance

"Previously, the standard-setting is a step by step, and now is to step in. 27 meeting, the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Public Security, AQSIQ, the Standard Committee and other departments have discussed together, equal to one-time solution. To the NBD car.

24, at the twelfth session of the Standing Committee of the twenty-fifth meeting of the Joint Group meeting, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Public Security related to the development of low-speed electric vehicles were answered.

Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information, said that the low-speed electric vehicles, "the development of standards, it is necessary to strengthen supervision, their own way, according to motor vehicle standards, must go to the public security department license, drivers must obtain a driving license, so as to truly secure . "

In fact, as early as 2014, the trade association had developed a low-speed electric car policy, but was opposed by the departments concerned, since then shelved. According to Chen Quan-shi revealed that the four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle technical standards in April this year, the original plan to develop a cycle of 24 months, but look at the situation, "next year before the two standards will come out." On the specific standards, there are already the basic line. Chen said the whole of low-speed electric vehicles, "the first to be qualified, the second must have the standard, the third to have a license, the fourth driver's license to be the fifth to buy insurance, these five conditions to the road, this is the most basic." Performance can be reduced, security can not be reduced. "

Previously, the industry on the management of low-speed electric vehicles have two kinds of attitude: one is in accordance with the management of motorcycles, requiring lower than the average car; the other is that should be directly classified as ordinary passenger car management. "The standard has a threshold, but the threshold can not be too high," said Fu Yuwu, president of China Society of Automotive Engineers.

Some companies believe that the new standard should not engage in "one size fits all", the low-speed electric vehicles directly into the field of new energy vehicles, may disguise to limit the development of low-speed electric vehicles.

Millions of volume markets are facing reshuffle

With the accelerated development of standards and will soon be landing, low-speed electric car industry is currently mixed situation is expected to be changed. In fact, the country in the end how many manufacturers, production and sales scale, the relevant industry associations can not give the exact answer.

According to China Electric Vehicle 100 people will study the director of the Advisory Zhangcheng Bin estimates, more than 100 production enterprises in Shandong Province, the country is difficult to statistics.

Shandong Automobile Industry Association data show that from January to November this year, Shandong low-speed electric vehicle production and sales reached 546,100 and 54.25 million, respectively, year on year growth of 53.8% and 54.4%, is expected to exceed 600,000 throughout the year, this The data also contains only "Shandong Province, new energy automotive technology innovation alliance" within the 22 companies.

Therefore, Zhang Chengbin said the industry is expected to achieve 1 million in 2016 annual sales, should be no problem.

In fact, the government shot before the industry standard, low-speed electric vehicle industry has been optimized for many years. According to the statistics of Shandong Automobile Industry Association, from January to October, the top 5 enterprises in Shandong Province produced 346,600 small electric vehicles, accounting for more than 70% of the total output of the 22 enterprises in the above alliance, the brand concentration is very high.

"This year, there have been some mergers." Hebei Royal McNair car brand general manager Zong Yi said that the elimination of enterprises for non-compliance has already begun. However, the out-of-order environment, after all, relatively slow out, the standard requirements come out, the industry may usher in a major reshuffle.

In this context, do not want to be eliminated enterprises can only go up. Many leading enterprises have their own low-speed electric car is defined as "car", the development of models with the appearance of the traditional car manufacturers are very similar, hoping to get rid of "the old means of transport Car "image.

However, with the introduction of standards, how many companies can "positive", has yet to follow-up observation. Chen believes that the estimate can be upgraded, "a group" will only have a few, there will be more than a dozen standard to be eliminated enterprises may have hundreds.