March to open three large areas of 30 city research activities with these battery companies face to face communication

- Feb 24, 2017-

Into the 2017 did not take long, lithium industry "storm" constantly, lithium cobalt oxide, copper foil, aluminum plastic film, packaging materials, silicone and other lithium battery raw materials in varying degrees of price increases, the downstream market is relatively low ... ... these are affecting lithium The whole industry chain enterprise sensitive "nerve". Reasonable forecast and grasp the future development of the market and technical trends, strengthen the supply chain enterprises to work together to become the top priority of lithium enterprises.

In this context, as a leader in supply chain resources and capital integration, GIGABYTE launched a 2017 supply chain of good products nationwide tour research activities (time March - April), will work together in the field of leading manufacturers of lithium Large area of the city to start three in-depth tour research.

Organizing Committee revealed that the tour research object, including the mainstream power battery business, some typical energy storage digital battery companies. The current lithium batteries, PACK enterprises and the core suppliers (equipment, materials, etc.), the current lithium batteries, PACK enterprises (power battery-based) investment scale, technical route, production capacity, production, development plans, production and marketing strategies; Cooperation, sales, development planning, etc .; various types of lithium battery enterprise supply chain import cycle and links, the existing supply chain structure, there are bottlenecks, enhance demand and integration strategy; lithium battery business sales network, business model, promotion strategy Market Operations Status and Planning.

Specific research routes and research enterprises to be as follows:

2017 high power lithium supply chain of good products nationwide tour research road map


South China Station to be research enterprises


East China Station to be research enterprises


North China Station to be research enterprises


It is worth mentioning that, in this tour research, the tour team will work with battery executives, technology research institutes, grassroots employees face to face communication, and production workshop field research, thus accumulating a wealth of power battery market actual operation data; The joint battery companies jointly organized large-scale seminars and salons, invited partners to face to face communication, sharing failure and successful experience, to promote the lithium industry chain upstream and downstream cooperation.