Micro-macro power three lithium project in Huzhou Economic Development Zone started

- Mar 13, 2017-

March 9, 2017 morning, 2017 Huzhou Development Zone in the first quarter of key projects micro-macro power three project construction ceremony was held.

Micro-macro power chief operating officer Xiao Quan-kun speech at the groundbreaking ceremony to explain the company's third phase of the construction of the great significance of innovation and development for the enterprise building blocks. Xiao Heng Kun pointed out that the company's third phase of the project will be part of the construction of lithium battery materials, battery monomer, battery system industrialization and other sub-projects, put into operation after the company's production capacity is expected to increase capacity 11GWh. Will be the future of the company's rapid development has laid a solid foundation to promote the company's industrialization process so that the company has grown to strengthen.