Murata took over the Sony lithium battery business transfer procedures completed in July

- Feb 20, 2017-

February 15, Sony Group announced its official battery business to 17.5 billion yen (about 1.1 billion yuan) price transfer to the Murata production, is expected to complete all the procedures will be completed in early July.

The battery business for the sale includes Sony Energy Devices' lithium-ion polymer and lithium-ion batteries, as well as its manufacturing operations in China and Singapore, but does not include Sony's branded USB power , Alkaline batteries, button batteries for the general retail market battery business.

It is reported that Sony because in 1992, the first successful development of commercial lithium-ion battery and known as the "father of lithium batteries", but later the battery industry increasingly fierce competition, Sony is also more and more can not find a sustainable profit point.

And Murata Manufacturing, it is a professional manufacturer of electronic components, its main commodity ceramic capacitors, ranking first in the world. To achieve its business objectives in its mid-2018 strategy, Murata Manufacturing is committed to strengthening its competitiveness in the communications market and plans to create new business models in its automotive, healthcare and energy markets And customer value. In view of these circumstances, Murata production value Sony's global battery business technical strength, the international market knowledge and experience.

Upon completion of the transfer, Murata Manufacturing plans to operate the global battery business as the core of its energy business to further realize its business growth and expansion. According to Samsung's "Queen" news media Sammobile news, Samsung Electronics will Murata production included in the Galaxy S8 battery supplier list, and Murata production of the battery and Samsung's own SDI battery ratio reached 2: 8.