New batteries should be charged 10-14 hours?

- Nov 02, 2016-

"Mobile phones are filling the power it can be out the door and remembered, one charge is good for a few days, blasting what to do?" This is the most confusing Chen during the holiday thing, playing also butterflies, until I got home to see the phone right there, only a stone fell. Continue to charge mobile phones will make it into a "bomb"?

"Bought a new mobile phone with only one battery, listening to music, playing games, and run out of power again after charging. And 10-14 hours three times before charging to full, so to let the battery durability. "These are likely to do so?

Nanjing University chemical laboratory a few days ago a series of interesting test batteries for mobile phones, has opened the mobile phone number of the truth.

Test a

Long time charge will be blasting?

Test process: the two lithium batteries are charging for more than 12 hours. One is a standardized battery to maintain circuit integrity, is to maintain the circuit is damaged.

Test results: circuit maintaining perfect battery no change, not only did not attack scene of burning or blasting, and the battery capacity is not affected. Broken battery maintenance circuit, with extension of the charging time, temperature is increasing, surpassing 100 degrees in the future also attack a terrible blast, seals for gas filled the whole space.

Expert explanation:

Southern Institute of technology chemical engineering professor Zhu Jun-Wu said, charging the lithium-ion batteries in general maintenance circuit maintained, prevent over voltage, over current condition on the formation of lithium-ion batteries, such as hazards. "This maintenance is not just the batteries, mobile phones and other electronic goods will also bring, when filled with a battery maintenance system will take the initiative to identify, from high current to current, so fully into the phone. "Therefore if lithium-ion batteries in the charger and maintenance of circuit no problem situations, night charge is a result of damage or cause battery fire, explosion. "The mobile phone as media coverage continued bursting of the battery status as long as a factor, that is, maintaining circuit against the or batteries being impacted by external force, such as broken; the other is at the mercy of 100-degree heat has burned out in the space. ”

Conclusion: standard lithium battery long charge not blasting.