New car sales management approach impact 4S shop model new business model is about to break

- Jul 31, 2017-

The new "car sales management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the new "approach") has been implemented for more than half a month, the Securities Daily through field investigation found that there are still many 4S shop through the "disguised fare" in the form of selling to consumers The

Why is that so? Recently, the National Information Center, Xu Changming, deputy director pointed out that the new "approach" will supervise the management rights to the city-level commercial departments, in violation of the relevant provisions of 10,000 yuan -3 million fine.

Reporters learned that the actual new car sales process, many models increase the number of the price is much higher than the amount of this fine. It is noteworthy that the new "approach" after the implementation of the biggest change is that dealers do not directly increase the price, and evolved into decorative and other forms of fare increase.

"New" approach to liberalize the unauthorized operation, in fact, to the production enterprises or suppliers put forward a problem, the future value of thousands of dollars when the car, 4S shop is selling 100,000, the other business model or format is also selling One hundred thousand dollars when the 4S shop may not carry, "China Automobile Dealers Secretary Xiao Zheng three asked: mainstream 4S shop how to do?

Hu Yingqiu, chairman and CEO of Huanqiu Automobile Group, said that the formation of the 4S shop model has been facing a lot of bottlenecks in the face of increasing sales targets, the inherent interests of the mechanism need to rethink, "high efficiency, low cost, light assets Must be under the New Deal under the new circulation model to study the focus.

At this stage the car can not be separated from the 4S shop, such as the car home, easy to engage in the traditional electric business has proved that failure, how broken it? China Auto City CEO Wu Gang believes that the new "approach" to promote the upgrading of traditional electric business, the birth of new business, the value of new business to meet customer costs, efficiency, experience under the premise of synchronization with the car development of. For the innovation platform to achieve a lower channel to help the host factory to achieve the increase in the traditional model is the value.

Traditional 4S shop and electric business model change10JPTESL1-jumbo-v2.jpg

China Automobile Dealers Association for more than 1,000 car dealers sample survey, the first half of the dealer inventory is higher than 1.5 months, and even some high brand is more than two months, so that the dealer increased the cost, Increased pressure.

Another data show that in 2015, China's top 100 dealer group consolidated gross margin from 6.13% the previous year fell to 4.47%, down 1.66 percentage points; in 2016 has a more substantial increase, but still only 5.2 %. 2016 Annual Top 100 dealer group asset-liability ratio of 70.3%, for three consecutive years to maintain high.

"Hundred strong dealer group sales net profit fell to 1.22%; net assets from 18% to 7.7%," Xu Changming said that this decline will inevitably lead to 4S store model changes, so I think the future of the ecological should be 4S Shop as the main body, while 2S, 3S city exhibition hall, car supermarkets, car electricity, independent, chain of fast repair shop coexist.

"Once the car electricity business is very hot, but the kind of absolute online sales model now look unreasonable," Wu Yingqiu in an interview with the Securities Daily said that the new "approach" after the introduction, we have been saying there will be no new Mode, or in the end which model is in line with the current market competition needs.

Also in March of this year, the car home chairman and CEO Lu Min announced that "give up self-employed car electricity, transformation of light assets platform", before the easy car network, Ali cars are also in the car electricity business has died down sign. "Real car electric business must be on the line under the line, more efficient, more emphasis on the experience of a new trading model," Wu Yingqiu said that all channels, including 4S shop, have to study how to achieve high efficiency, Light assets.

New car electricity business: online + line

How can we do car electric business high efficiency, low cost, light assets? Wu Gang said that my car city through the establishment of "online + line" integration of the way to achieve a breakthrough for the traditional business model, "My car city has never been a traditional car circulation field of subversive, but innovative circulation Practitioners and promoters, from the beginning to insist on building a conservation of the 'O + O' network channels; in the channel planning, my car city adhere to the 'no damage to the main factory has a channel network' principle, Four, five lines of the market to provide additional outlets to provide these areas to meet the needs of consumers of products, services.

Is it safe for consumers to buy cars? Wu Gang introduced my car city line system - cloud housekeeper system and DMS system, through the "strict, complete, smooth, efficient" management system and data management system, to achieve a car trading part of the capital flow, information flow, logistics Management to protect the security and efficiency of the transaction.

Wu Yingqiu said that my car sold out of the car by their own billing, which has no second in the industry, "This is a high demand for funds, we have been financing, but we are not financing the principle of cash, and now cash The flow is very good, if there are more people to come in, you can do more things. Financing is constantly re-combination process.

Traditional and new energy car prices have new channels

Is my car city channel accepted by car prices? Dongfeng Nissan sales headquarters vice president Chen Hao said at the forum, will speed up the four or five city channel layout, with the existing dealers grow together, the introduction of new channel model, from 2017 onwards to establish ultra-lightweight G-class shop, shortening Service radius, increase sales opportunities.

"Channel to take into account the manufacturers to accept the channels, my car city 80% of the outlets have been adopted by manufacturers," Wu Yingqiu said that my car city channels are basically built in four, five lines of the city, manufacturers have consumer demand and can not open 4S Shop place.

Not only the traditional car needs new channels to supplement the 4S shop model defects, and the current emerging new energy vehicles also need "my car city" such channels. "Now made a dozen new energy vehicle license, these are no channels, they have to build a high cost of the channel, so we channel this valuable, and can help them quickly distribution," Wu Yingqiu even said that the future of my Car city has a sound combat effectiveness of the channel, do not rule out the sale of their own car brand products.